THE BRAZILIAN by Rosie Millard @Rosiemillard @Legend_Press

Thanks to Imogen Harris of Legend Press for inviting me to read this super fun book, THE BRAZILIAN by Rosie Millard.



Following a sensational scandal at one of London’s most desired post codes, Jane and Patrick decide to escape the gossip with a family holiday to Ibiza, their eight-year-old George in tow. Also on the island that week is a TV reality show involving an eccentric artist, a horny It Girl, a Brazilian soccer player, and a famous musician. As hapless celebrities are picked off one by one, Jane is desperate to be on the program, leaving childcare in the not so capable hands of a teenager. One lesbian escapade and an explosive row over hair removal later, the contestants of Ibiza or Bust leave the island with more than sand in places they never knew existed.



This is such a fun packed book to read that had me cringe and laugh in equal measures. For me Jane is definitely the star of this book but there again SHE would expect no less. Talk about standing on peoples toes to get to the top, Jane would be more likely to knock you down and trample you so you wouldn’t get back up. In her forties she knows time is running out for her to hit the big time, being famous for what is another matter. She simply wants fame, fortune is seeing to itself as she lives a very comfortable life with hubby Patrick and eight year old George her son. Even poor George is more of an accessory to be brought in for family pictures than played with. Though she does love him, at a distance of course.

Well you know when you go on holiday and tend to run into someone that you know back home, well when Jane, Patrick, George and a neighbours daughter, Belle, paid to look after George on their ‘family holiday’ go to Ibiza, it seems the whole square where they live go too. Jane is non too happy to find out that two of her neighbours are on a reality show being shot just down the road from their villa. I mean really who do they think they are? ‘Ibiza or Bust’ is just the sort of break she needs. Well yes I do have to agree with her as it is full of ‘has been, wannabe and gotta be’ people. Now the fun begins.

This is a just continuous entertainment from the minute I started reading to the end. I even loved the creeps in it! The reality TV show played a massive part in the book and how Jane could wangle herself onto the set. Of course these contestants are all in it to win it and the more outrageous they are the better. Love the retakes, just brilliant. From horny painters to failed magicians and celebrity farmers it really is a mix or explosive characters. Awesome entertainment on every page. Loved George, the most normal of them all.



An image posted by the author.

I am a journalist and author. Between 1994-2004, I was the BBC’s Arts Correspondent during which time the Tate Modern opened. This provoked my first book The Tastemakers (T&H, 2001) which analysed why contemporary art became so fashionable in the Nineties.

After the BBC I wrote for The Sunday Times and was Arts Editor of the New Statesman. I’m now a columnist for the Independent and write for lots of other papers and magazines. In 2009 my husband and I and our four kids went around the world on a crazy project to visit the French overseas departments, which resulted in 6 TV documentaries for the Travel Channel and a book, Bonnes Vacances (Summersdale, 2011), a comic account of how to go around the world without leaving France.

My first novel The Square was published in 2015; its a comic romp set in a London garden square and came out of a fiction writing course run by University of East Anglia. When I’m not writing, I’m usually working in Hull. I’m chair of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 which is going to be one amazing year


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