GONE TOO FAR by Steven Suttie (DCI MILLER #4) @StevenSuttie



DCI Miller is faced with a head-ache and a half in the latest Manchester based adventure GONE TOO FAR.

Kathy Hopkirk, the nation’s most detested “celebrity” has disappeared.

Famed for her outrageous remarks and nasty observations about ordinary people in the street and stars from the showbiz world, Kathy has always taken great delight in grabbing the headlines and causing as much controversy as possible. But now she is in the news for a different reason. She is missing.

While visiting Manchester for work, she was staying at The Midland. The iconic, world famous hotel was the last place Kathy was seen, CCTV recorded her leaving on foot. Her destination was unknown. Three days later, her disappearance was reported to police by her manager. The sensational news was met with great interest by the British public, though very little surprise or sympathy. Kathy Hopkirk had been pushing it for years. It looks like this time, she may just have Gone Too Far.

DCI Miller and his team are overwhelmed by the amount of vitriol and hatred which surrounds the missing woman. Where do they possibly start with this one? Kathy has had thousands of death threats on Twitter alone.

DCI Miller is back with another roller-coaster case.



This is the 4th DCI Miller novel in the series and it most certainly lives up to the ones that went before. Steven Suttie is a tell it has it is author that holds no punches. His characters are people you know, they may have  different names where you live but they are all here. The writing flows with a natural rhythm and includes relevant news and events that have taken place which gave the story a time line I could easily relate to.

When Kathy Hopkirk just disappeared it wasn’t her family that reported her missing, only her manager that was losing commissions from the absence of her obnoxious appearances. Yes Kathy is a celebrity, with no talent except to belittle other people for their circumstances. The public are outraged but not because they care about her but simply it is a need to know the juicy bits. All quite sad really to think that no-one would really give a damn for her wellbeing. It even takes a polite kick up the backside to get some of the police working on the case to be slightly interested and really put effort into the investigation.

The more the police delve and the more obvious it is that something is very wrong with the whole scenario.  This is a very dark and disturbing story that unfolds on a recently topical subject that rattled a lot of peoples pasts and brought them crashing down. How far will someone go to keep the past buried? Steven Suttie brings his normal humour into this story to  lighten the read on a dark subject. Is there murder and violence, yes. Would I recommend this book ? most definitely. Loved it!



Steven Suttie

Steven Suttie was born in Kirkcaldy, in Scotland, about 40 years ago. He grew up in Manchester and now lives in rural Lancashire. Steven is married and has four children and during the week he works for the RSPCA.

In 2014, Steven published a fast paced crime thriller called “One Man Crusade.” This was the first of the DCI Miller series, which went on to become an Amazon UK best seller in several kindle categories. One Man Crusade is the story of a serial killer who has won the hearts and minds of the British public. This story has plenty of twists and turns that keep you reading for just “one more chapter.”

The second DCI Miller book was released in 2015, called “Neighbours From Hell.” This is a funny, tragic and exciting story centred around the social class divides in Great Britain today.

Miller 3 “Road To Nowhere” came out in 2016, and is described by readers as an action packed, “unputdownable” thriller.

Miller 4 “Gone Too Far” is the author’s latest gritty thriller. In it, Britain’s most obnoxious celebrity Kathy Hopkirk has been reported missing and DCI Andy Miller has to try and find out what’s happened to her.

All four Miller books are free to read with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.

Steven’s debut novel, “The Clitheroe Prime Minister” was released in 2013. This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at the state of Britain today, and especially the “elite” people who run things. The inspiration for the novel came from the normal, working class folk of the north, and the kind of things they say to one another between pies. The book is a regular top 10 best seller in its category of political humour, triumphantly topping the number 1 spot in April 2015. Steven’s chufty badge is on order.



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