Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado @Michele_MachadO



Straight A’s and skilled test taking in high school did little to prepare Lita for the rigors and reality of college life. Six weeks in, and she knew she was out. Unfortunately, her parents had other ideas and offered her an ultimatum…go back to college or move out.

Forced onto a fast-track to adulthood and independence, Lita has no choice but to accept and adapt to her circumstances. Taking a minimum wage job at the local mall barely covers the bills, but a chance encounter soon changes her life.

Liberty is a sweet talking beauty, with a stage name and a presence that charms as much as it comforts. Taking Lita under her wing, Liberty invites her to visit the club – which soon leads to Lita accepting a job as an exotic dancer at San Francisco’s Market Street Cinema.

Will her time in the dark and gritty underworld of adult entertainment put her on a path that secures her future…or will it swallow her whole, destroying everything she never knew she wanted?



Lita is a young woman with such determination, strength and stubbornness that costs her to leave home. A very bright straight A student it soon guaranteed her a place in college but after only 6 weeks Lita knew this wasn’t for her. Her frustrated father gives her a devastating  ultimatum, either return to college or leave home and fend for herself.  Like most parents her father believes he is on a winner but he couldn’t be more wrong.

Full time work in a shop selling lingerie leads to a chance meeting with a beautiful woman that offers her a chance to earn extra cash selling some of these products to exotic dancers at San Francisco’s Market Street Cinema, where strippers and pole dancers can make what she makes in a week in just a few hours.

This story has adult themes but it is far from erotic. This is a behind the scenes story of a young woman with her head screwed on, she if there simply to earn good money quickly. Everything is controlled by her. The more she allows the more cash she earns but she can seem to give a lot but gives nothing at the same time. Some grinding yes but not much more, it is more illusion that the client falls for.

This is a super story of friendship and determination, learning from the best and making most of what you have. Lita  is a character that you simply get behind, I think every reader will be cheering her along to succeed. At only 212 pages it is a very manageable book to read in a day or two but you will have problems putting it down.

I wish to thank the author for this book which I won at an online book publication party. This is my honest review.



Michele Machado is a San Francisco born literary pundit with a significant ramen addiction. When not writing review articles or shoveling Japanese noodles down her throat, she enjoys penning fiction with a higher heat factor. In order to balance the serious nature of her “real job” with the more salacious stories she writes, and to avoid uncomfortable conversations with her grandparents, the pen name of Michele Machado was created—and the stock photo in this bio was purchased. Now liberated by a nom de plume and hidden behind a beauty at a typewriter, Michele Machado is excited to share her first two releases.

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