Nostra Dame, A True Story by Jacqueline Evans @JEvansthewriter


Nostra Dame, the true story of a woman trying to make sense of a mysterious world. Suppressing what came naturally for most of my early years; a pivotal moment in my mid-twenties opened a door to what lay dormant. The depth of knowledge that ensued began to snowball, leading me to predict global events and high-profile murder investigations. Each piece of information imparted in fractals, like pieces to a puzzle; and it was down to me, to put the pieces together.



Imagine having a song going full on inside your head and not be able to turn it off or turn it down or wakening up in the night with a random name or town feeling the most important thing in the world but you don’t know why. It must be exhausting and so frustrating. After having a near death experience in her twenties that was what life was like for the author Jacqueline Evans. Something had woken inside her that was giving her messages for events that had not yet happened but how the hell are you suppose to know which of these names are the good guys and which the bad ones, where they lived or even what they were going to be involved in? It would be months later that the pieces fell into place because once all the facts were in it was like a tick list everything was there. The place the event and the main players.

Now this is one cool lady because if she is going to get all this information she was darn well going to do her best to make it mean something, so she makes notes, times dates places everything and although it is too jumbled to prevent anything by josh it does point a heck of a lot of police departments in the right direction after a murder has happened. There is a song that fits almost all the big crimes in one way or another. I was totally wowed!

Jacqueline Evans provided some vital clues to some very massive crimes and natural disasters over the last few years, to name just a few, the Twin Towers, the terrible New Year Tsunami which hit Indonesia and surrounding countires and major murder investigations and disappearances. Of course there would always be the people that sniggered but facts are facts and Jacqueline was getting her information BEFORE the crimes or disasters happened not after they had occurred.

Yes I have heard of people helping solve crimes with holding a piece of clothing from a victim and going to places where a person was last seen but nothing like this. This is very unique. This is an extremely well written novel that someone with a love of crime stories and a supernatural side to it too will just love. This stuff isn’t made up. This is Jacqueline Evans true life story and real life events. I felt the anger building up inside her at the way she was treated with some police departments. It was quite appalling and so disrespectful but it was the determination for justice that kept her going and the fact that some police departments gladly worked with her and sort her out to help. Jacqueline Evans never asked for any sort of payment from any case she worked on. She just wanted justice for the victims and their families.

A super true life experience that must have been emotionally draining at times and a brilliantly fascinating account of all the facts. Highly recommended reading.


Jacqueline lives close to the busy city-centre of Birmingham with her sons, where she wrote her long-awaited true story. As a first-time, self-published author, she aims to write two more books as a follow-up to Nostra Dame. She recently rediscovered her passion for reading; enjoying crime-fiction and true stories the most. She loves cooking, sewing and dreams of a future life in the countryside, surrounded by grandchildren, Weimaraner puppies and shelves full of books.

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