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Firstly I wish to thank Eve Wersocki of Midas Public Relations for inviting me on this Blog Tour for The Lawn Job by Chuck Caruso

The Lawn Job
Chuck Caruso

Published by Cloud Lodge Books

21st July 2017


Utterly compelling” – Ken Bruen, award-winning crime writer

“Everything had been fine until Mrs. Pasarelli brought him that iced tea and started teasing him, acting all flirty. Even so, he’d tried to be polite and get back to work. But then she went and spread out in that bikini so he could get a good look at her. She had to know that he’d look. She had to know he’d get hot for her.”

Ex-con man Craig Collins is scratching a living mowing lawns for fancy clients – and keeping his fingers light with a spot of petty theft. But when the lady of the house, the wife of the local celebrity pizzeria owner “Big Gino” Pasarelli, starts becoming a little too flirty Collins gets the boot.

When Collins learns of Pasarelli’s own passionate indiscretions a plot to get his revenge begins to take shape. Collins and his sometimes girlfriend Juana, a transgender stripper, lure Pasarelli into a sex-tape scandal.

With the grit, dark humour and energy of A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, The Lawn Job is a twisted tale to keep the heart-pounding until the final page.



When Mrs Pasarelli, the trophy wife of Big Gino, plays a little game of flirting with the Lawn man and ex con Craig Collins, it results in a catalyst of events that is never going to end well.  Well OK Collins did have his hand in a couple, lets say dodgy schemes but he had built himself a nice little gardening and landscaping business up in this affluent area of Portland Oregon. After a few phone calls or messages from Mrs. Pasarelli to her neighbours his list of clients disintegrated within hours ending with a message from Big Gino himself asking to meet him that night. I really liked Big Gino a self made business man that although dismissed Collins gave him extra cash, a sort of severance payment to help him out. This enraged Collins further though and  the first plot began to form in his mind to get even with his wealthy employer for sacking him.

This book is full of colourful characters that ranged from gun runners and terrorists to a pretty irresistible and charismatic transgender stripper called Juana. Now some of the scenes do get very explicit in the bedroom but it is all part of the core scheme of things and not randomly thrown in to fill out the pages, but you have been warned. Just loved this story because every single character was so very distinctive and introduced into the plot at a steady rate. Then each plot line had its own conclusion before it moved onto the next one. It makes for an easy story line to follow.

I think Collins has to be one of the most gullible characters I have meet, very appealing on the eyes but not the sharpest knife in the door. I did feel sorry for him at times though as he was a bit of a loveable rouge. Juana knew exactly what she wanted in life, cunning clever and definitely a girl that knew how to make the most literally out of everything she had.

This for me was just one thoroughly entertaining read from the first page turn. I really am looking forward to what Chuck Caruso brings to the table next. A refreshing, new and entertaining debut. Brilliant.

I read and reviewed this book from Midas. This is my unbiased and honest review.




Chuck Caruso teaches 19th Century American Literature at Marylhurst University, writer of several crime and horror short stories and two Short screenplays. The first person in his family to go to university, he specialises in Edgar Allan Poe and his fascination with this Mastermind of Crime has inspired his own writing. The Lawn Job is his first novel. @jcdarkly


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