The Last Meridian by Joe Hefferon @hefferonjoe



A telegram sets off a chain of events that destroys five lives, throwing Hollywood insider Nina Ferrer’s life into turmoil. The infant boy she gave up for adoption in Chicago sixteen years earlier has been arrested for murder. A plea from the boy’s adoptive mother pushes her to act, but Nina has a big problem—she never told her husband about the boy.

Nina must come to terms with her guilt, while accepting the reality of her fragile life and her cheating husband, who’s embroiled in another deadly plot. As her life unravels, the boy’s fate grows ominous. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood heyday of the early 1960s, the quick-witted, smart-talking Nina, a designer for the well-heeled of Los Angeles, hires a private detective to uncover the facts about what happened back in Chicago, and save her boy. Maybe… just maybe… he can save her, too.

Or perhaps Nina will have to save herself, the most frightening prospect of all. To do that, she must cross The Last Meridian, the place beyond which life as she knows it will no longer exist.



The murder of Gerald Moon Harper, a wannabe gangster and low life, surprisingly made a huge difference to five people lives. Well destroyed them actually.

In 1948 Lynn Killian left not only her life and name behind her when she moved from Chicago Illinois in search of the glamour of Hollywood, she also left her son. Now 16 years later he has witnessed the murder of his adoptive mother’s bully boyfriend and the good and bad guys are more than interested in getting hold of him.

The renamed and now affluent interior designer to the rich and famous of Hollywood, Nina Ferrer is left between a rock and a hard place. Should she step up and help the son she abandoned or lay low. Coming clean will take away everything she has accomplished and expose her to a past no-one knew about including her wealthy husband. So the hiring of a Private Investigator known as CS and help of Journalist Jimmy may be her and her son’s only hope.

I loved the writing style of Joe Hefferon that brought to life the gangster figures of the 1960’s, where the sight of these well heeled and dare I say almost glamourous men, spelled trouble if they came a calling because even they held a strict code of practice which if you have half a brain you don’t cross, or else that is all you are left with.  They were not men for brawling anymore, if suited they had worked up the ranks off the streets to carry to guns to finalise business, if you know what I mean. Often violent and always tragic no one could escape the tsunami of changes that came from the ripple of a nobody.

I felt that the whole era was beautifully captured, I was even thinking of these scenes in my mind in black and white rather than colour like some of the movies of this time period and the dialogue just rounded it all off quite perfectly. Women never having to carry a lighter because a gentleman would always oblige. The atmosphere of this classic time has been immortalised in these pages in such a way that I even read the book in my mind with the voices of a bygone age. A book to experience.

I wish to thank the author for sending me a mobi copy of this book which I have reviewed in an honest and unbiased way.



Joe enters the writing world after a 25-year law enforcement career in the city of Newark, NJ. He’s written for several online publications, including over thirty profiles of high-achieving women from around the world for He has an inexplicable curiosity about Texas noir, and set two short stories in the southeast corner of the state between Laredo and Corpus Christi. Many of the awful things his characters inflict on one another are based on real events from his former career. The sarcasm is in his bones. Joe lives in New Jersey but enjoys learning about other cultures and perspectives. He’s fascinated by human motivation, and doesn’t believe much happens by accident. He often listens to movie soundtracks when writing to help with visualization.



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