Stone Groove by Erik Carter (Dale Conley Historical Action Thrillers #1) @ErikCarterBooks


An empty crime scene. A blood-spattered stone. And a 400-year-old mystery.

Special Agent Dale Conley specializes in the unusual, and he’s seen it all. Except for this. An entire community vanishes overnight—just like the fabled Lost Colony of Roanoke. The only clue is a single word chiseled into a blood-spattered stone.

As Dale discovers more stones with cryptic messages, he’s faced with a series of riddles related to the Roanoke disaster. Riddles that he must solve—or the hostages are killed.

Dale soon realizes that the kidnapper knows the details of his past. Including his dark secrets. Now, as he races to find the stones, Dale must come head-on with his own demons to have a chance at saving the lives of the missing people.

Stone Groove is the first book in the Dale Conley Historical Action Thriller Series.

If you like ancient mysteries, sinister conspiracies, exciting locales, breathtaking action, and loads of humor, then you’ll love this page-turning series, perfect for readers of Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and Raymond Khoury and fans of Indiana Jones and James Bond movies.



Well you never know what you are going to get with a new series and a new author, well new to me anyway, to say that I wasn’t disappointed would be a gross under statement. What I got was a really likable bloke, even if he was rather fond of himself too, a special agent for the Bureau of Esoteric Investigation or BEI for short. Pretty cool eh? OK I hadn’t a clue what this was but from the first couple of chapters I knew that I was going to have fun finding out.

Special agent Dale Conley hadn’t been a special agent for many years but there again he hadn’t always been Dale Conley either. What made him darn good at his job was the experiences he had gone through as Brad Walker, a survivor of an horrific tragedy and total mad man and not forgetting of course his super intelligence too. He always has an eye for the ladies and a brilliant light humour just turned a great story into all round entertainment, no matter what the situation was that he was in.

Dale’s speciality is the unusual, the puzzles that are left behind after something that at first seems impossible to have happened actual happens. So the disappearance of 147 people more than fits the bill but it isn’t the first time, so is history repeating itself in some sort of mystic way or is a more sinister cause responsible? The past definitely knows how to raises its ugly head.

This really is a cracking start to this series and introduction to a team with boundless possibilities and hang ups! This book has quite a few garden paths that I was merrily lead up on this very pacey story. Hope to see the next book in this series soon.

I wish to thank the author for a copy of this book wish I have chosen to review in an honest and truthful way.



Erik Carter writes thrillers and mysteries. A trained public historian and design professional, his adventures have led him across America, where he has done everything from hosting a television show to shooting documentaries in the desert to teaching college. These experiences gave the background he needs for his greatest adventure—writing fiction.

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