Molly Fish, A Story of Love by Jack McMasters #Blog Tour @AuthorightUKPR

Firstly I wish to thank Rachel Gilbey of Authoright for inviting me to take part on this Blog Tour for Molly Fish by Jack McMasters.


When retired architect Arthur Howard receives an unexpected invitation from the elegant businesswoman he has just met, her promise of two weeks of incredible sex is enough to persuade him to forget his stale marriage and follow her to India. Leaving thoughts of his younger wife Ester far behind, Rani leads Arthur into paradise; her home lies in a beautiful valley filled with quiet villages, tranquil lakes, tea plantations and crocus fields, a place where his every need is catered for and his attention sought wherever he goes.

But danger lies hidden here. Arthur discovers that Rani and the other villagers he meets in this rural Indian idyll are the descendents of an ancient civilization, thought to be merely mythical. From his contact with them, he succumbs to a mysterious illness that keeps him bedridden for a long period in a darkened room. Confused and stricken, Arthur’s days and nights are haunted by wild dreams; when he is unable to sleep, he reminisces about early love affairs and fears for his failing relationship with Ester until he is unable to distinguish dreams from reality.

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I loved the cover for this book and when I read it I realised just how perfectly matched it was. This story has a mystery about it, beautiful and enticing but somewhere that I knew held far more than I first thought.

Well what man wouldn’t be tempted especially as the years were rolling by pretty quickly now. Retired from a lifetime of being an architect, in a marriage that was more of a habit than love and an offer most men would grab at his age from a mysterious and beautiful Indian business woman. Two weeks, that was all it was going to be, two weeks holiday with this mysterious woman that promised desires being fulfilled that in all his years he had not yet even dreamed of. Life changing, stimulating and fulfilling. A one off, one time offer. Darn right he would take it.

Rani takes Arthur to a serene valley surrounded by small villages and even more beautiful women but there is something which is very wrong about the whole scenario and the mystery slowly reveals itself, but can Arthur save himself as he battles to determine what is real and what is a dream?

This is such an hypnotic book to read. Beautifully written I wanted to know more about this Paradise. This is a very unusual story but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. How much pain and ecstasy can anyone endure and is there a point where it is impossible to tell one apart from the other? Super book!

I wish to thank Rachel Gilbey of Authoright for my ebook ARC which I have chosen to review



After growing up on a farm in northeast Missouri, McMasters joined the United States Air Force after attending the University of Missouri where he was sent to High Wycombe, England. He currently resides in Norfolk with his wife. While researching Molly Fish, McMasters travelled to India where he competed in the Karma Enduro, a 2,000 kilometer trek through the Western Ghats. He has previously published two short story collections, Iron(ing) Man and The Cucumber Murders and been featured by Škoda Magazine and the Eastern Daily Press.




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