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Firstly I just want to say thank you to Rachel Gilbey of Authoright,  for inviting me to be part of this lovely blog tour for The Policeman Pete Books, in the Barbara Ann Book series. This is my third book review in the series but I keep up with the books on the tour every day. You will find my reviews every Wednesday and Sunday, while the tour runs. Enjoy!

A delightful set of children’s stories following the fictional character Policeman Pete in his daily activities. All the books within the series are based on true occurrences that have taken place in Saddleworth, a civil parish made up of 7 villages nestled within the foothills of the Pennines in North West England

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Policeman-Pete-Broody-Hen-Books/dp/1910351113/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1496267287&sr=8-14&keywords=policeman+pete

Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Creative Locations Ltd; 1st edition (20 Sept. 2014)
ISBN-10: 1910351113
ISBN-13: 978-1910351116
Product Dimensions: 18 x 4.5 x 17 cm


This is lovely story about my dear hens, that all had their own little characters. Freckles was always disappearing, as she seemed to be forever broody and made a perfect mum.



This was another super read that I enjoyed with my grandson Riley age 3.  When he comes to visit me now he rushes in singing ‘more Pete’.

These books make for perfect interaction between adult and child with this one there was lots of counting. The number of hens then how many were left when Freckles went missing? and How many eggs are there? He was soon retelling me the story from the simple and colourful pictures. We even had a lovely game of hide and seek with some toys afterwards and a little talk about not going anywhere without telling mummy/daddy first and making sure it is ok.

In this book Dr. Ahmed’s and his wife Yasmin’s little boy Tariq helps Policeman Pete look after his hens in the bottom of his garden every day. Feeding them, helping to clean them out and collecting the eggs they lay. Each of the hens and cockerel have names but one day Freckles is missing. All ends well of course with plenty of smiles.

These books make up a lovely addition to any child’s book collection. What I particularly like too is the size of them which makes them idea to pop into my bag if we are going out anywhere.


Policeman Pete Safety tips for around animals.

28th June – Books From Dusk Till Dawn

3   Policeman Pete Pete says that if you get scratched or bitten by an animal or insect you must always tell your mummy and daddy as soon as you can so they can clean the wound and put ointment onto the area. Sometimes children have to go to hospital to let the doctor have a look.

For Policeman Pete’s Animals safety tip from yesterday please visit Whispering Stories – http://whisperingstories.com/ and check out Ali-The Dragon Slayer for tomorrow’s tip – http://cancersuckscouk.ipage.com/



Brought up and schooled in Oldham, Greater Manchester, at the age of 17, Barbara decided on a nursing career. Later, she set up her own day nursery which she ran for a few years before supporting her husband in his busy profession. Fast forward to 2013, Barbara started writing and illustrating the Policeman Pete series. She currently lives at Brimmycroft Farm, in the small Saddleworth village of Denshaw, Oldham with her husband, horses, geese, ducks and cats. She is an active participant in charities involving law enforcement including the Blue Lamp Foundation. She has previously appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and been featured in the Oldham Advertiser and the Manchester Evening News.
Twitter – https://twitter.com/policemanpete
Website – http://policemanpetebooks.co.uk/

The Policeman Pete books are ideal for children aged between 3 – 6 and are perfect gifts when bought as a set.

2 thoughts on “POLICEMAN PETE AND THE BROODY HEN, A BARBARA ANN BOOK (Book #10) #Blog Tour @policemanpete @AuthorightUKPR

  1. These Policemen Pete stories sound delightful. I love the illustrations. I have been made well aware of how fiercely competitive children’s book publishing is (I know quite a few authors trying to break into the picture book market for young children, and that once included myself, several years ago, before I committed myself to writing adult novels). The key does seem to lie in the quality of the illustrations; I have bought and read so many beautiful picture books over the years for my own children, and some of them are the kind of books you cannot bear to part with, long after your children are too old for them. I do wish Barbara Anne success with this series.


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