88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon #Humour # Contemporary Women’s Fiction @dianesolomon @EloquentRascals


Abandoned and feeling lost, her self-worth in tatters, Laura decides to try online dating sites. What an education. And what a long, five years she has ahead.

Hilarious and heartbreaking, soul-searching and spiritual, “88 Guys for Coffee” shares Laura’s roller coaster of experiences as she searches for her soul mate, for her true partner in life.

No matter how crazy it gets, no matter how disillusioned she becomes, she can’t give up. She won’t give up.

Laura learns all there is to know about online dating, but she learns the most about herself.



Isn’t this cover just fab and the title just made me smile. Imagine 88 guys for coffee, from that I guessed that a lot of them didn’t get asked back for a second cup! Diane Solomon based this novel round some of the actual events from her own life, changed the main character to Laura and all of the gentlemen in the book were given new names, but some of the events were real. Some fluffed up a bit and others a little imagination. The thing is you can’t tell which is which.

OMG this is just such an hilarious book, I know I shouldn’t find pleasure in someone else’s down falls but at times I just had to stop reading because I couldn’t see any more, it was just so very funny.

When Laura finds herself starting over again on the dating scene she decides that the best way to go about it is through dating agencies. Well yep I can see that, you can see  what the guy looks like, read about what they like to do and get to now them a little through email, then phone calls then perhaps dinner. Now to me that is a sound plan but not everyone is honest and darn it Laura definitely has the ability to find the sleaze balls from these sites. Ok it may be just that the guy is 6 inch shorter than he said but it is still a lie but there is much worse, some are users the will break your heart and destroy your faith in men.

It is like she says, ‘I had so many blind dates I should have a free dog’

If I was asked to describe this book I would say that I laughed page after page with the wonderful wicked way she recreates these perfect hilarious moments but there are also some serious times too, where she offers the stuff to look out for to stop you getting hurt like she did. How to spot the dodgy blokes that are just out to put another notch on the bed post before they take off. The ones after money and sometimes the ones that are still married! This is page after page of shear pleasure as well as some sound advice. Just loved it whole book.

Just remember too, not everyone was bad, 88 was definitely a keeper!



Diane Solomon, author, enjoyed a wonderfully diverse career path that included her own variety show on BBC TV in England. As a performing artist, she opened for both Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers during major tours of England, Europe and Africa. Now focusing on writing, Diane lives in beautiful Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, with her husband, Mark Carey. She has written several non-fiction books in the fields of nutrition and homeopathy, plus has ghost-written and/or edited seven books for clients, in various fields. In November of 2015, Eloquent Rascals Publishing released Diane’s first book, which is non-fiction, entitled, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A guide to the homeopathic treatment of CFS/M.E.”. This book is a best seller in Amazon’s homeopathic section. In late 2016, Eloquent Rascals published “The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain,” her first novel written with her husband, Mark Carey, who is a retired biologist, naturalist, and accomplished voice-over artist. June 2017 sees the release of Diane’s fictional memoir, “88 Guys for Coffee,” the tale of Laura’s five-year online dating odyssey, as she searches for love, for her true partner in life.


Read the first three chapters here:



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