A WHIFF OF CYANIDE by GUY FRASER-SAMPSON #(Hampstead murders #3) @GuyFSAuthor @urbanepub



“Comfortingly old school crime fiction with a modern twist” – Chris Brookmyre, bestselling thriller writer
The third volume of the bestselling Hampstead Murders sees the team become involved with a suspicious death at a crime writers’ convention. Is this the result of a bitterly contested election for the Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association or are even darker forces at work?

Peter Collins, who is attending the convention as the author of a new book on poisoning in Golden Age fiction, worries that the key clue to unlock this puzzle may be buried within his own memories. A character called Miss Marple offers her advice, but how should the police receive this?

Meanwhile an act of sudden, shocking violence and a dramatic revelation threaten tragic consequences…



Just kick off your shoes and settle down with a cuppa and a pack of digestives for this new instalment of Guy Fraser-Sampson, Hampstead Murders series. It is like journeying back into bygone years when police used their brains more than brawn to solve cases and swearing just wasn’t the done thing! This series has all those qualities but the setting is in present day.

I really can’t think of a more appropriate place for this story than at the Crime Writers Convention at Hampstead, where the theme of the day is very relevant to the murder that is about to take place.  Peter Collins, psychologist, has been invited because his book on poisons in connection with crimes, is about to be published. He is of course accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend DS Kate Willis. I just loved the super characters at the convention from writers, specialists and even the lady who played the character of Miss Marple in the TV series. She still makes me smile. The event is soon halted when a death occurs.

There are some cracking characters in the usual team of detectives, with one of my favourites being DS Bob Metcalfe, who just happens to be the third wheel and second boyfriend of DS Kate Willis. All three including Peter Collins, live happily, well probably more amicably with each other.  I really want more of this trio.

Guy Fraser-Sampson is a wicked story teller that puts together a cracking murder mystery but so far I have to say this is my favourite. Although this book can be read as a stand alone I enjoyed the familiarity of the team and how they gel and at times why they don’t gel together. Tragically too, as in real life. these characters make mistakes that have devastating consequences. A real super series.



I am currently work as a board adviser (and sometimes invest in) various entrepreneurial businesses, and have previously held various senior level investment positions, including a spell as Investment Controller with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and running for several years the international operations of a leading US fund manager. For the past several years I have been designing and teaching a number of post-graduate modules at Cass Business School in the City of London.

I appear regularly on radio and television in the UK and am also in demand as a keynote and after dinner speaker.

In recent years I have begun writing fiction. All three of my Mapp & Lucia books have been optioned by BBC Television. My most recent venture is to attempt a very different type of detective fiction with my ‘Hampstead Murders’ series, the first of which, “Death in Profile”, was published by Urbane Publications in March 2016.

These are police procedural novels, but quirky and unusual. In place of the formulaic plot structures and damaged central characters of much modern crime fiction, readers will find a team of likable police officers whose career and personal ups and downs will play out and develop from one book to the next.

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“No Fear Finance” is different. I have long been convinced that there is a valid “alternative” way of teaching finance to people with no quantitative background, a way which is so far as possible conceptual rather than mathematical. Not understanding finance is no longer an option in today’s world and this is the only book which shows the ordinary reader how to understand everything they need to know.

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If you’d like to hear more about my fiction, please look out for my name at book festivals around the country, at which I am a regular speaker. For 2016 these include Deal Noir, CrimeFest (Bristol), Bookcrossing (Birmingham), Felixstowe and Margate.









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