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Her eyelids were the only parts of her body she could move. The figure spoke, then retreated into the gloom. She couldn’t accept what they’d said. How could she have brought this on herself?

When an online prank goes viral and triggers a spate of gruesome murders, documentary maker Hazel Salter watches in horror. But then a new victim is found, her body bound to a pillar, and its Hazel’s childhood friend, Meredith Hickman. Hazel must find out what happened to her.

Is it one killer or more? Random, or part of a bigger plan?

The police have no leads, but Hazel has a theory – one she’ll stop at nothing to prove. With her film crew in tow, Hazel sets off for the abandoned amusement park where Meredith was found, to solve the crime, bring Meredith justice, and make the documentary of her lifetime. But as Hazel interviews the victims’ families and friends, people start disappearing.

As the death toll rises, Hazel realises someone close-by is targeting her team methodically. Can she uncover the truth before another life is lost, or will the killer get to Hazel first?



OMG This book made every creak in my house come to life and turn into someone waiting and ready to pounce on me, as I transformed with each page turned, from a reasonably calm and controlled woman to a nervous wreck! I wanted to hide behind the sofa but I wanted to take my book with me too because I couldn’t stop reading. This was going to be one hell of a read. I had only finished chapter 1.
I really took to this author straight away, although this isn’t his first book he was new to me. His writing had a crisp freshness about it, very much belonging to a modern society,  with that bravado of some of the characters that thought they were untouchable. The people that mouthed off then stood back and mocked a society that could do nothing about it. Now believe me no matter how obnoxious these people are you will feel compassion for them.
What starts as a prank on Twitter with a simple #BeMyKiller preceded by a statement such as bite me or blow me, soon becomes a game of cat and mouse. This cat really likes to play with its victims. Boy are there some new methods of killing here. I was gob smacked! It is all very gruesomely  described in some pretty gory fascinating and utterly inventive ways. A real mix of brutal crimes and unforgettable horror, your hair on end kinda writing.
Most of the story is set inside an old abandoned Fun House, which is creepy in itself, but it was also one of the murder scenes and it is surrounded woods. All makes for compelling reading. Throw in a little girl that gets nosey and a couple of pretty tough ladies and wow have you got a story. I think I may have to watch cartoons before bed. Yikes!



Parker is an ex TV script writer, script editor and producer who now writes dark, stand alone thrillers. His first novel, Stop Me, was nominated for a Dagger Award.  The movie rights to his second, Scare Me, have been bought by Hollywood studio Relativity Media with screenplay completed by Wentworth ‘PRISON BREAK’ Miller and his third, Stalk Me, rode high in the US and UK Amazon charts.



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