HIDDEN CHAPTERS by MARY GRAND #Family saga @authormaryg


Whoever said time heals all wounds is a liar
Haunted by the death of Aled at Worm’s Head, his sister Catrin returns to prepare the family home for sale, accompanied by her adopted Deaf daughter, Bethan. A web of lies and secrets spun by Catrin’s father slowly starts to unravel. Catrin, facing a crisis in her marriage, discovers that she must face this past if she is to heal and take control of her future.
Nobody expects to meet Bethan’s birth mother, Elizabeth, who they think is dead. Her arrival at a memorial for Aled sends shock waves through the family.
This is the beautifully told story of a family struggling with ghosts from the past.
Hidden Chapters is an optimistic novel about the hope and the courage each of us can find within ourselves to own our past and take control of the next chapter of our lives.

Praise for Mary Grand’s writing:
Free to Be Tegan
‘Strong writing, insights, and secrets most of us do not understand flow from the pages of this readable novel.’ Top 100 reviewer Grady Harp,
Catching the Light
‘Her prose had to be … the most elegant and clear I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.’ Author Philip D Curwood

The novel is set on the picturesque Welsh Gower Peninsula, where Worm’s Head is a tidal island off Rhossili Bay. The stunning location create a spectacular setting for this compelling family drama.
Mary Grand’s writing has been compared to Kate Atkinson, Adele Parks, Maeve Binchy and Diane Chamberlain (author of The Silent Sister), amongst popular contemporary women’s authors. 



I knew nothing much about the Welsh Gower Peninsula with its tidal island of Worms Head off Rhossili Bay, but how I want to go there after reading Mary Grand’s book. Oh my this beautiful place is so very firmly etched into my mind that her book became very visual while I was reading. I could see where these characters went and what they did.

When Catrin  has to return to the family home that she was raised in, it forces her to face the ghosts of the past and a tyrant father that should never have had children. When her brother died in very dodgy circumstances 18 years before she left, Catrin adopted baby Bethan that his girlfriend gave birth to. Bethan had accompanied her mum to seek answers about her origins.

Lloyd, Catrin’s father wants a memorial for his dead son Aled, before everything is wound up. As more people arrive then more of the truth surrounding the events begin to surface. There are so many boxes of worms opened, but no matter how long the truth is hidden it can’t be changed, it is still the truth.

This was quite a complex story that at first I had to get my head around but then it became much easier. One character that I particularly liked was Bethan. Bethan was such a strong person emotionally, although born deaf she was an accomplished musician and more than capable of giving as good as still got when she stood up for yourself. The journey back to her roots would change her life, not only her future but also a life of cover up and lies in her past.

There is a lot of story packed into this book, so take it steady and let the characters form in your mind to get the full enjoyment of this tragic family saga.



I grew up in Wales. Later I taught in London and then worked with Deaf Children in Hastings. I now live on the beautiful Isle of Wight with family and my cocker spaniel Pepper .

‘Free to Be Tegan’ is my novel about a cult survivor set in Wales.

Catching the light is a free download of short stories

‘Hidden Chapters’ is about motherhood, adoption and addiction and set on the spectacular Gower Peninsula.


I would love to hear from you either on my blog here on Goodreads at marygrand90@yahoo.co.uk

on Twitter @authormaryg

6 thoughts on “HIDDEN CHAPTERS by MARY GRAND #Family saga @authormaryg

  1. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for this lovely review of Hidden Chapters. I am so glad you liked the character of Bethan , she is very close to my heart xx


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