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Firstly I wish to thank Rachel Gilbey of Authoright for inviting me to take part on this blog tour for THE KAZAK CONTRACT by Paul Purnell



James Ballantyne travels to Kazakhstan on a minor diplomatic assignment. A simple task, but he falls for the glamorous aide Ocksana Petrova, sent to guide him through the process. Fate leads him to the rescue of a US special agent who is the target of assassination by the Kazak authorities.
What should Ballantyne do? Should he be led by duty or compassion?
Events force his hand and he recruits smugglers to get the agent away from Kazakhstan. The escape route is dangerous and it becomes clear they are being monitored every inch of the way. Is his new love, Ocksana, behind the surveillance? Or has his own team been infiltrated?
Getting out of Kazakhstan alive will draw upon all of James’s military skills, and a lot of luck. With ambush and deception along the way, will he make it to the border and safety? How can he protect his lover? This journey through a wild country stretches every nerve.

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This is the first book in the James Ballantyne series by Paul Purnell, a new author to me. When I first read about this book I was intrigued as I normally enjoy crime thrillers but this is set in Kazakhstan which sort of swung the deal. I am always fascinated by the different way countries are governed and policed and what better way to find out than reading a book by someone that has been personally involved in the criminal justice system.

Well if this book is anything to go by it is going to be a pretty awesome series. I thought at first that James Ballantyne was going to be a bit of a wimp  but oh boy was I wrong, reluctant hero yes but wimp no. Doing business abroad always brings its problems as what is cosha in one country can be taboo in another, so when James arrives in Kazakhstan, on a minor diplomatic assignment, he is guided through the protocol of doing business with the very beautiful Ocksana Petrova as his aide.

It is when he is left to his own devices that things take a dive when he goes to the aide of an American. Here is where the story takes off with trying to work out who can be trusted. Does no one in this country do anything without it involving being bribed? How can you trust anyone that could sell you out to the highest bid? Not only is the American in grave danger now but he has also become a person of interest. It is time to leave but can he trust the glamorous Ocksana that he is falling for or is she simply there to inform the authorities about where he is? Guns at the ready because this isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

I really got carried away with this book, I hope that a further book is all lined up for being published in the not too distant future.



About Paul Purnell

Based in London, Paul Purnell has worked for over forty-years as a Criminal Law barrister. After serving five years stationed in Germany with the British Army, Purnell began his career as a trial lawyer prosecuting and defending in serious criminal cases across the country. Later he was appointed Queen’s Counsel, a role which has seen him engaged in court cases both across the country and to far flung destinations including the Cayman Islands and Kazakhstan. His extensive experience and understanding of the criminal world has provided the inspiration for his short stories and his latest Jack Ballantyne series. When not writing, or in court, he enjoys racing around the country on his motorbike and spending time with his three children and grandchildren.
Previous titles include a series of well-received short stories;

The Hireling (2015),

Scaramouche (2015)

The Storm (2016).









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