WALKING THE PENDULUM by H A DAWSON #Psychological Mystery Suspense Thriller @HonADawson



A stolen existence triggers the ultimate identity crisis

Megan’s made a hasty escape. Now she’s perplexed by the confusion sparked by events on the train journey and her effect on the locals, whose disconcerting behaviour makes her skittish. She’s determined and headstrong yet vulnerable, unaware of the imminent danger posed by the scheme hatched by her mystery assailant.
How long could you wait to take revenge?

Megan’s never experienced visions or fainted before. The vivid images have
a momentary impact, though they’re a harbinger of future events where Megan is
not the only victim to fall prey to a scheming murderer.


The journey of life is as much a cliché as is the idea of seeing
yourself through others eyes. In this compelling thriller, Megan’s assumptions are foolish as her real journey starts when she reaches her
destination. There are many scrutinising her activities; a few are threatened by her presence,
questioning her reasons for moving to this small town. The situation is intriguing especially as her striking features resemble Saskia a lively woman who vanished 3 decades ago.


This story embraces a British style of mystery that merges into the
suspense, culminating in a thriller with an enthralling finale that
leaves us to question our personal strengths and endeavours


This author takes pride in presenting the reader with a strong theme
immersed in dramatic content.

Do you try to avoid all conflict?

  • How calm are you when handling uptight friends and family members?


  • If their behaviour becomes irrational does this influence you in any way?


  • Do you turn tail and run or stand your ground by confronting the issues?



“Walking The Pendulum” is the first book in a collection of exciting
Traditional British psychological suspense mystery crime, laced with
romance, packaged with the intensity of a thriller. There are seven to be
published up to November 2017.


Further British Mystery – Suspense – Thrillers to come from H A Dawson



    1. Walking The Pendulum
    2. Bed of Rusty Nails
    3. Edging On Despair
    4. Naïve Retribution



Honor is a British writer living in the Fenlands of Eastern England, she spent 20 years in IT as a software developer and systems analyst for one of the U.K’s largest banking groups.
This professional background has provided the understanding, patience and diligence to write full length novels.
Her catalogue of books is approaching 25 books. Six books are to be launched during 2017
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Her imagination is spurred by global travel, experiencing/enduring adventures in the “Big Outdoors”
Characters in her books are formulated from the places, people and situations she encountered while trekking into the unknown.

Respected authors include Arthur C Clarke, Greg Bear, Dean Koontz, Robert Sawyer, Jodi Picoult, Sarah Grafton, Diane Chamberlain, Sophie Hannah, Rachel Abbott



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After a violent encounter with her partner which results in Megan bouncing down the stairs she decides that it is time to leave when he swings everything back to it being her fault.

There are somethings in life that you simply have to walk away from and put behind you.

Megan takes a train journey towards a new life and a new town that she had never been to, but before she arrives strange events have occurred that  give her a familiar feeling of recognition of one of the passengers and a knowledge of the town she is going to, that she should not have. Worst of all is the premonition or recollection of being stabbed. The story turns even stranger when some of the residents of Rodley, England recognise her as a young woman that vanished 30 years before. A woman called Saskia Fox. Megan feels quite compelled to know more especially as she was adopted as a baby herself.

There are somethings in life that you simply can never walk away from, because certain forces won’t let you.

This is quite a slow burn novel that kept me riveted to every page, tense, intriguing and a supernatural feel that just held me there. Megan was like a magnet to the people from Saskia’s past. The likeness to her was uncanny and the visions disturbing. So would the 30 year old mystery be finally laid to rest and who was ever responsible be made to face the consequences of what had happened? With Saskia’s past and her own present, Megan’s life had taken a turn for a dangerous future.

This is a book the more you read the less you know as more avenues are opened and more acquaintances turn into yet more suspects. I chopped and changed what I thought of all these characters as the story began to unfold. Told at first by Megan, Luke Adams a paranormal investigator and finally Saskia. What started off as a slow burn develops into an inferno when it all comes together. Loved it!






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