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Firstly I wish thank Helen Clare for inviting me onto this BLOG TOUR for AFTER THE AFFAIR by JONATHAN KAYE


After the Affair


A compelling page-turner

Do you like a book with a gripping story? A page-turner you can’t put down? A book with believable characters, a twisty yet credible plot and an easy-to-read pace? If that’s you, then this thriller set in Dublin should be right up your street.

“University Lecturer David Ryan is having an affair. And he thinks no-one knows.

He’s wrong. Someone does know. And that someone is out to blackmail him.

But when the blackmail attempt goes wrong, both Ryan and the blackmailer find themselves dragged into an underground (and decidedly seedy) world of secrets, lies and violence. A world where no-one can be trusted and everyone has something to hide.

Set in modern-day Dublin, ‘After the Affair’ is the unputdownable debut thriller from author Jonathan Kaye.”



Oh Wow! I feel as battered and bruised as some of the poor unfortunate souls in this book as Jonathan Kaye certainly knew how to make me feel part of his story. There is a perfect opening that simply induced every hair follicle to jiggle until it became erect on the back of my neck and creep down my arms. I was seeing a conversation taking place online. Enticement with money and the promise of a meeting to satisfy the young lady’s greed, in exchange for physical contact, sweet talking and encouraging but in his mind a different scene, one that became an over powering scene in my mind. It was tense oh so tense and here a decision would be made that would mould so many lives and end others. This was the beginning and I knew already that I would hate it when this book ended.

Although this is Jonathan Kaye’s debut novel he can definitely hold his own with this book. David Ryan is as much the main character in this novel as the wicked killer. It is from Ryan’s first ever indiscretion with a sweet talking fan of his novel that causes a ripple of after shocks to become a tsunami of devastation with shocking collateral damage a year later. There is far more to the depth of this story than I ever thought that there was going to be. I had been hooked on the first chapter but now I was hanging on for dear life and had to read this novel in one go. There simply wasn’t a stop place for me.

Physical abuse, blackmail and murder and a bloke that just wants to make it better. This is a fabulous book so looking forward to more from this author.


Jonathan Kaye

Jonathan Kaye is a stay-at-home dad who decided to write a thriller when his son started school. The house was tidy by ten every morning so what else was he gonna do till, like, three? Apart from drink coffee with moms – which he is very good at by the way.

It took him a while to figure out the plot. He even had to use google to find out what policemen and judges and people like that did. Characters were easier. He just based one of them on himself and all the others on people he knew. Seriously it’s what all writers do. Why do you think Stephen King’s protagonist is invariably a novelist?

Three years after starting out, he wrote the words ‘The End.’ It was quite the experience. Then he proofread and proofread and proofread again … but he knows there might still be one or two typos and he asks you to not be too upset by the fact.

Finally, he’s sitting here now wondering why he’s writing about himself in the third person. It is making him feel important and aloof though!




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