COLD HARD TRUTH by AMANDA COWLEY #Thriller #Suspense @AmandaLCowley



Nothing could prepare Emily for what she witnessed that day.

With no money to support herself and suffering from panic attacks, she reluctantly moves in with her estranged mother and half-sister overseas. But as fractured relationships start to heal and a new one threatens to blossom, she uncovers a disturbing secret

When the truth hurts this much, would you prefer not to know?



When Emily arrives home early she knows that something is wrong straight away but her brain won’t let her make sense of it, well not in those all important first seconds. Her dad is dead and not by natural causes and the person responsible is still in the room. As the murderer rushes past, Emily grabs a sleeve purely by instinct, a sort of reflex action that results in her being slashed down her forearm before she releases the material. It isn’t always just the good people that rally round after such a tragic happening, so being a vulnerable teenager and now living in the house on her own she simply can not cope either emotionally or financially. There is only one option, that is go live with her estranged American mother, that abandoned her years before to go after her lover in the USA taking her older half sister with her.

Well this story doesn’t give you time to grab a breath, what a start. Emily has so many raw emotions to deal with and yet just can’t face dealing with any of them. There are so many unanswered questions from her childhood about how and why her mum could just leave her which is emphasised even more with the fact that she doesn’t call her mum but by her first name. Emily is one hurting teenager that is angry and wants to hurt back. The one person she did miss was her half sister so they vow not to be split up again.

This author was new to me and absolutely loved her writing style. From the start it was shocking and I knew that this was going to be a gripping edge of my seat thriller and it certainly was. This is like one massive spiders web where at times I felt that I was going further away from the main story but everything is relevant no matter how small. A real web of deceit. As if the poor girl hasn’t enough on throw in a bit of romance too just to add to her already unstable mind and it makes for a decent heart in your mouth ride, so buckle up because this certainly gets bumpy. Yikes this is good!



Amanda Leigh Cowley

Amanda Leigh Cowley lives in Northampton, England with her husband and two fitness-mad sons, (they don’t get it from her!). When she’s not distracted by the four-legged visitors she looks after, she writes, and drinks way too many lattes from her Dulce Gusto machine.



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