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The funny, enthralling and heart warming story of a woman who gets a second chance in life – but will she have the courage to take it?

Molly has moved from London to rural Herefordshire, chasing the Good Life. Swapping the tube for the saddle, she is living the country dream.

Except that it isn’t really her dream. It’s her husband David’s. And David is, well, rather dead now.

Then a distant relative of her late husband kicks the bucket, leaving a London townhouse in her possession, and Molly dares to consider chucking it all in. Quitting the Good Life and going back to her good life.

But there’s a problem. A rather tall, handsome problem. In the shape of a man already living in Molly’s new house. And when a face appears from her past, Molly is more confused than ever.

Will Molly’s London dream replace her muddy reality? Do any of the men in her life really have honourable intentions? And has she said goodbye to country life too soon?



It had always been the long term plan, to eventually move out of London and live in the countryside. A few hens, a couple of goats, horses and at a push sheep. It sounded quite idyllic but what had always been a dream ended up being a nightmare. Not long after moving David tragically died leaving Molly to bring up their 3 children with the hardships of running a large small holding /small farm and constantly living on the edge of losing everything to the debt collectors. Life was tough. Well it was until Molly found out about the inheritance.

Oh poor Molly, living almost man free for what seems like a life time decides that the time has come to make a new start. After all this unexpected windfall could set them all up for a long, long time. I have to say that I wasn’t keen on Molly’s Spoiled children at first. They seemed very self centred, with everything being me. Me. ME!  Molly, most of the time, being chastised by her offspring for situations that looked like something they weren’t.  Molly at times was more than gullible too but after saying that I cried with laughing.  I read a book to be entertained and well this really did all that.

I really enjoyed the comparisons between the hustle and bustle of the City and the real life and death situations of the countryside. Loved how the families characters changed depending where they were. I much preferred the country side of them.  There were also some real classic situations that had me laughing uncontrollably. I will never think of horse jumping again without having a vivid picture of this book in my mind. Just loved it. This is a story about regrets, trust and what is really important in life.

Molly’s life was about to become complicated with three men, one from the past and two from the present but were any of them good enough to be her future?


Catherine Alliott

‘People often ask me if I always had a burning desire to be an author, and the honest answer is no, in fact it almost happened by accident.

I was working as a copy-writer in an ad agency and tired of writing blurb for soap powder, began writing a novel under the desk. I had no thought of publication, was just doing it to relieve the boredom, but I must say it was a bit of a shock when my boss walked in one day and said we’re not sure you’re entirely committed and gave me the sack!

Actually I think that galvanized me and I was determined to finish it. I did, but it took a while: I was working freelance, and then pregnant with my first child so it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. When my son was born I discovered babies slept for great chunks of the day, so I revisited it, tapping it onto a computer my brother gave me. (The first draft was in long hand, I’m a complete Luddite by nature, and actually, still write my first draft into note books.)

My husband persuaded me to send it to an agent who took it – amazingly and then a few weeks later I had a publisher too. The Old Girl Network came out about a year later and the first time I saw it in a shop, I was so startled I ran out again! I’m convinced it was easier back then to get published, these days it’s far more competitive because there are so many girls doing it I’m glad I started early!

I’ve written a few more since then, but some things don’t change: I still get a thrill when I see them around. I hope you enjoy the books, I certainly have a lot of fun writing them.’

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