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Barbed Wire and Daisies is a novel set in future rural New Zealand. The tale starts in the year 2030 as world wide oil supplies come to a grinding halt overnight. There are now hoards of starving, desperate people in the overcrowded cities. Looting, violence and chaos become rife. Living in a remote valley, Gen is a kick ass, protective mother who, along with husband Nate, will stop at nothing to defend her family and protect what is hers from the depraved, sometimes cannibalistic survivors who come crawling out of the cities to the countryside, in search of food. It soon becomes survival of the fittest. Who will win?


5 stars “Zombies move over, this book just made “D Day” realistic.” Amazon Australia Review 6 April 2015

There are not many stories that can capture both genuine humour as well as heart felt emotion, but the characters in this book will manage to make you actually laugh aloud as well as feel for their struggles and triumphs each and every chapter. Barbed Wire and Daisies covers environmental and social issues that are affecting us today by taking us through the captivating journey of a New Zealand family suddenly forced to face their mortality and rely on their survival skills which were unknowingly learned over the years when their world and the life they know is thrown into turmoil.

Grab a cuppa and get comfortable, you won’t be putting this book down in a hurry.

5 stars The writing is fast-paced and the action is relentless, making this an engaging, thrilling novel that demands to be read in one sitting. Review InD’tale Magazine June 2015

5 stars~~The Destitute are on the Prowl~~ By A Navy Vet…VT town TOP 500 REVIEWER on January 17, 2015


Well this has to be one of the more realistic looks at the world going belly up in years to come.  It is April 2030 and all of the planet’s oil has been consumed. Industry has ground to a halt and only chaos rules the people.  The story follows one family, which Heather heads, being the oldest, mother and Nana. Heather has always had a gift of knowing the future and for years she has bought her grandchildren the most unusual gifts for birthdays and Christmas, all which have revolved round the art of survival. These weren’t just presents these were really gifts of life. Heather, her daughter Gen, son in law Nat and 3 grandchildren live on a self sufficient farm in Arrow Valley, New Zealand.

The towns are very different you can’t grown a lot of veg on concrete so once all of the shops have been stripped there won’t be any lorries to bring in new supplies. So what is left of the towns folk when pestilence, and hunger has taken over, decide to go and find fresh food supplies, even if it comes along on two legs and talks.

The whole premise of this story seems very possible as to one of the paths that our planet could take in the future. I really loved the comparisons between town and countryside with scenarios that seemed all too frighteningly real at times.  There are some pretty graphically described violent scenes, that also involved a brutal rape of a young girl. But you have to take into account the whole story to see, that yes, these things would happen. When the justice system doesn’t exist you can only use brute force with brute force. The question is how far would you go to protect your family because if you hesitate you they die.


Teresa Schulz lives in Feilding, New Zealand. She is a mother, a rescuer of stray animals who follow her children home, a collector of dragons and anything Celtic.
She loves to read books by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series), George R R Martin (Game of Thrones), JK Rowling (Harry Potter) and J R R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) to name a few.
She loves to get lost in her imaginary world of adventure and far away places. Always on the lookout for a bit of humor in her day or some new unique soul to add life to the characters in her next novel.

She currently lives in Feilding.


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