13 DARK TALES by MICHAEL R. MARTIN #Short Stories @MRMartin_Author



A shocking event on an evening train only revealed by hypnosis, a man driven to extremes to rid himself of nightmare neighbours, and a rural driving holiday stopped in its tracks by a mythical creature.

Just three of the 13 Dark Tales, inspired by macabre urban myths and sinister folklore, in this first collection.

Read them in the dark hours when they might call to mind a disturbing story you can’t quite place or a strange shape glimpsed from the corner of your eye; things you dismissed as too fantastic to take seriously but left nagging doubts, nonetheless.



This is a rather good collection of short stories all based around a supernatural element. Each of the stories are about a chapter in length, on average 17 pages, making it the ideal book for travelling or bedtime read. There is nothing that I would say is too gruesome to keep you awake but there again we all have a different scare level.

My favourites in this collection being the scarecrow and train journey. My reasons being, my already fear of scarecrows, as I always use to think that they had moved each time I looked away and then looked back, they are so eerie and because I travel on trains quite regular so now I shall always think of this book.  There are definitely stories in this book which most readers will be able to relate to themselves.

Even in a short tale Michael Martin can still pack a punch with these sort of urban legend type stories. Well written and at times still leaving you with the sense of this isn’t the end, as what ever is in the story is watching and waiting it’s turn to pounce again, given the opportunity.

Thank you to Michael Martin for a copy of this ebook which I have chosen to review.


Mike has a degree in mechanical engineering and a HND in multimedia.

He has worked as a design engineer, a volunteer IT tutor, a medical records officer and is currently a freelance computer animator.

The aim of his writing is to create imaginative, supernatural thrillers populated by believable characters and realistic settings.

His influences are many, but he draws particular inspiration from the works of Nigel Kneale, H P Lovecraft, R Chetwynd-Hayes, Stephen King, Alan Garner and M R James.

He lives near Wigan.




One thought on “13 DARK TALES by MICHAEL R. MARTIN #Short Stories @MRMartin_Author

  1. Sounds good. Plus I really like the way you put some info about the author at the nd of your reviews. In this case I was more interested when I read that the author was a fan of Alan Garner.
    The ask for following my blog as well.


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