UNKILLABLE by DEAN C MOORE #Technothriller @DeanCMoore



As a futurist for the FBI, Adrian Maslow’s job is to forestall any unpalatable future. The idea that someone wielding next-generation, world-ending tech will get past him has him losing sleep and possibly losing his mind.

For stress relief he checks in with the four girlfriends he keeps on retainer. From a female coroner and forensics expert to a highly-paid shrink, a spy, and an assassin, he uses them all shamelessly. How else is he going to balance a love life with being the best in his field? Both take dedication and endless hours. And the fact is he can’t afford to get attached to just one woman if he plans on remaining on top; he’s that reliant on all their areas of expertise. They would hate him for this, if they all weren’t forced to play the same game to stay at the top of their careers.

If the girls can’t save him from his nightmares of an apocalyptic future, there’s always his best friend at the FBI who owes his career success to him. If only he weren’t so determined to get ahead he’d happily arrest Adrian for crossing the line.

When a crazy-ass killer comes up with a way to bioengineer The Unkillable Man that could be sold on the black market to enemies to restock their armies, Adrian doesn’t think twice about crossing that line.

(note: The Futurist is rife with hard-boiled detective and noir overtones, and includes dashes of dark humor, in addition to being parts techno-thriller, action-thriller, and psychological thriller. There is also an eerie paranormal factor attached to the techno-thriller element, as with The X-Files TV series. Finally, there’s a Showtime Network Late Night feel to The Futurist, as in it’s something none of the other pay TV networks would touch; it’s just too off-color. Think TV series like Shameless, Dexter… Also for fans of: Dean Koontz, Caimh McDonnell, and Andrew Barrett)



Well I do say that I like books that are a little bit different, something to grab me and make me feel that I could never second guess any of it, well Dean Moore just scored bulls eye because this book is like 007, meets The X Files, meets Futurama. Yep it is so zany, off the cuff and so brilliantly entertaining! You will meet the most bizarre characters and find at times that you will have to read something twice, not because you don’t get it, but because you do but can’t quite believe what you have read, but in a spectacular way.

Adrian Maslow is in the top 1% of super intelligent people of the world and is part of the FBI Futurist Division, well he is top dog really, where they are constantly monitoring new scientific discoveries that could potentially go wrong and end the world. It is their job to nip these in the bud. But you know best laid plans and all that, the one that got away, well of course if something goes wrong it is always the big one, the one the could cure constipation.  The mad scientist that creates the unkillable man!

The concept of this story just blew me away with earlier scenes that were so very gruesomely fascinating that I don’t think I blinked for pages and pages. I couldn’t even second guess where it would all eventually lead but just loved how it all came together on a theme that I never gave a thought to. Just loved it. Now the team. Well I am sat with a smile on my face because they are the most unlikely bunch of geeks, weirdos and needy people I have ever read about. You know when you read a psychological thriller and the main character has a secret past, their husband was killed, they have a drug problem and such like, well you ain’t seen nothing yet! There are some of the most dodgy intimate scenes you will read about in here. The thing is it all sits with normality within this story, but it could offend some readers.

This is the first book in the series, which is a biggy to follow, so looking forward to how it can be matched with the next one. One of my favourite scenes comes at the end of the book, with the four main characters in a psychiatrist office explaining their relationships with each other. It is priceless, I howled with laughing. This is pure gold.


While action-packed sci-fi/techno-thrillers set in the near future are my forte, I also stray into other genres from time to time, such as space operas, paranormal fantasy, and detective stories. All my novels can be described as action-thrillers, no matter the sub-genre.

You can sample my writing with a free sci-fi e-book set in the near future by visiting my website https://deancmoore.com and signing up for my email list.

You can also contact Dean on Twitter @DeanCMoore

I live in the country where I breed bluebirds, which are endangered in these parts, as my small contribution to restoring nature’s balance. When I’m not writing, or researching my next book, I may also be found socializing with friends, or working in the garden.

If you’d like to know what compels me to write, it’s simple. I write as a force for peace. Fiction has a way of engaging our whole minds, not just our intellects, but various layers of our conscious, superconscious, and unconscious. Novels also encourage our left and right cerebral hemispheres to get in sync and, with just enough magic and wizardry, can help to transform people into more enlightened souls (the writer included) better than a hundred years of therapy or rational arguments to the same ends.

I’ve remained a lifelong student of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, science, and the arts.

Mark Freeman Enterprises (MFE) is my company. I sometimes publish under that label or simply under Amazon Digital Services.


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