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I wish to thank Helen Claire of BLOODHOUND BOOKS for inviting me to take part on the BLOG TOUR for UNDERCURRENT by J.A. BAKER

Undercurrent by [Baker, J.A.]


Phoebe and her disabled husband, Martyn, move into a new house in a village on the edge of County Durham. They plan to lead a quiet existence, a set up that suits them both.

Then Anna, who lives over the road and is bored of spending her days alone, seeks friendship with Phoebe and events take a dark turn.

Phoebe has secrets and is haunted by her past and Anna’s arrival in her life may prove to be the catalyst for her undoing.

What is Phoebe hiding and why are she and her husband so reclusive?

When Anna gets caught in a storm and is rescued by Phoebe the truth becomes apparent and Anna is thrown into danger.

Is there a difference between madness and evil?

Some friendships can be murder.



Pure terror, desperation and fear that is what she felt. She wanted to be found but not be seen. Nothing was familiar, bleeding, battered and filthy, didn’t mean anything to her because she was free and alive.  What an opening, I was left with an open mouth, a racing heart and one of those knowing feelings that you get when you have that perfect read in your hands.  And boy this was a little beauty!
The story then drops back 3 months as Phoebe and her disabled husband Martyn are moving into a village just outside of County Durham. It was meant be a new start for them both but since Martyn’s accident things hadn’t been the same. She knew in her mind that he wouldn’t approve of the friendship she desperately wanted, so that she could feel some normality. Anna that  lived across the street had brought over a cake as a welcome gift and Phoebe tried to protect her by closing the door and not inviting her in. She didn’t want Martyn to waken up and ruin everything again. Phoebe was a nervous wreck but no matter what, she would always stick by Martyn.  She was helpless, weak and unable to control the monster that now lived in the unsuspecting village.
Well this is just pure gold. It is page after page of tension that just doesn’t dip, every knock at the door, every creak in the floor boards and every appearance of Martyn just ended up making me as much of a nervous wreck as Phoebe.   Anna can feel that there is something wrong and is determined to offer the hand of friendship that she desperately seeks too in this little village. Phoebe just wishes that Anna would stop asking questions though and stop talking about the missing local woman. Perhaps making a friend isn’t a good idea after all but Anna looks so much like the little sister Phoebe once had.  This is a super book with only a small cast of characters that gets smaller the more you read.  Fantastic!


J.A.BAKER was born and brought up in the north east of England and has had a love of language for as long as she can remember.
After gaining an MA in Education & Applied Linguistics with the Open University, she found herself with spare time and embarked on doing something she always wanted to do – write a novel.
She has a love of local history and genealogy and enjoys reading many genres of books but is an addict of psychological thrillers.
In December 2016 she was signed by Bloodhound Books who published Undercurrent. J.A. Baker is currently working on her second novel.
She has four adult children and a grandchild, and lives in a village near Darlington with her husband and dog.
You find out more about J.A.Baker by visiting her website at jabakerauthor.com

Website – www.jabakerauthor.co.uk
Twitter – twitter.com/thewriterjude
Facebook – www.facebook.com/thewriterjude





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