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Two years since the slicks came to our planet and herded humanity together like cattle, placing us under constant watch in the few cities that remain. The lucky ones are left to their own devices. The unlucky few are rounded up and carted off to labor camps to face an unknown fate.

Former homicide detective Adrian Grace was cut off from his family, but has somehow managed to survive. When one of the slicks is murdered, they ask him to find the killer. He reluctantly agrees, and in the course of his investigation witnesses the best, and the worst, that humanity has to offer: a plot to escape the labor camps; a pending war between an in-your-face councilwoman and the corrupt city mayor; and a priest who claims to have befriended the dead alien. But worst of all, he stumbles onto a conspiracy that puts the fate of the entire city in jeopardy. In the end, Detective Grace discovers that the killer might just be the last person he would have suspected.

A story about betrayal, redemption, faith, fear, and hope, The Last Detective is a thrilling look at what happens to humanity when our world crumbles around us.



Well this little gem just jumps right out at you. I really enjoy a book where the author thinks out of the box, or in this case the world, bringing together the aftermath of an Alien invasion with an unthinkable murder that rocks the fragile existence of mankind. When the body of an murdered Alien is discovered there is only one option to take and that is to send for the last detective. All of the other detectives were killed in the invasion 2 years before.

Adrian Grace hates his self because he misses being an Homicide Detective as much as an addict needs his fix. He hates the idea of working for them but the promise of being reunited with his wife and 2 children is eventually the deal breaker, even if it means grassing out an human for the murder. I mean who wouldn’t after 2 long years of not seeing them. Unfortunately he knows with certainty that Aliens or Slicks as they are known, don’t kill each other, they work for the collective for the greater good to benefit all fellow slicks. It is just a pity that they didn’t have the same respect for the rest of the Universe, instead of wiping out entire worlds of their inhabitants in the work camps that no one ever comes back from, before moving onto the next world to repeat the process all over again. Adrian Grace is going to have his work cut in a world of corrupt humans and cults that have sprung up to try and make sense of how their maker could abandon them all.

Brian Cohn has created a very believe world where no one felt out of place. It all feels so very natural of what you could expect but not want to really think about. I really liked Adrian Grace from the start, he knew his own worth and just how much he could push the slicks.  I couldn’t really grasp how someone could miss being an homicide detective, I mean to do that job you needed bodies right? which meant people, often innocent people had to die, but it isn’t until you see him working that you understand that ache he must have had because he is one pretty awesome bloodhound for solving a case.  This isn’t just a story about murder, it is about staying outside of that box to see the bigger picture. Loved the whole concept of this book. It works beautifully.



Brian is an ER doctor practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives with his beautiful wife and their two rambunctious children. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama where he grew up loving to read. His passion for books continued through his college career at the UNC-Chapel Hill, and travelled with him back to Alabama where he attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He moved to St. Louis for residency training, met his wife, and fell in love with both her and the city itself. He has been practicing emergency medicine for over a decade and loves helping people every day, but turned to writing as a creative outlet.

A self-professed nerd, Brian has long enjoyed everything science fiction, from books to TV and movies. He is also a huge fan of great mysteries and thrillers, and is a sucker for a surprising plot twist. He writes the kind of books that he would want to read, reflecting a deep-seated curiosity about what motivates people to do the things they do.

When he’s not busy writing and taking care of patients, Brian loves to run, play with his children, and spend quiet time watching TV with his wife. If he can only figure out how to do all three things at once, he’ll finally have it made.


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