A CASE OF NOIR by PAUL D BRAZILL #Near to the Knuckle #Brit Grit Alley @PaulDBrazill

A Case Of Noir (Near To The Knuckle Novellas Book 8) by [Brazill, Paul D.]


In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. While in stormy Toulouse, he encounters a blast from the past that is positively seismic which forces him to return to England and confront his past.

A Case Of Noir is a strong shot of blackly comic international noir from Paul D. Brazill.



Well I am sat here still tittering away thinking about this book. I loved how it was sometimes a whole sentence further on before my brain caught up with what I had  read, as Paul Brazill just slipped in another subtle one liner and perfect dose of dry humour, that hit the spot better than any single malt. Meet Luke Case who seems to achieve being in the wrong place at the right time with precision and impeccable timing, as he makes a journey to five very different stops starting in a freezing Warsaw but things always heat up with the company he keeps, in more ways than one. Hence really the five stops, or should I say the places to get out of pretty quick. It all has that sort of Boggart feel, the laid back having a drink in a bar moment that attract women without even making an effort, albeit the wrong sort.

Each of the five stops are just pure magic to read about, from the ventures he swears to himself he is going to stay away from to the perfect song playing in the background on the jukebox. Add to all of this the way Paul Brazil imprints the images he describes into your mind and you become more a witness to the goings on rather than a reader. The whole thing just encases you and brings it to life. I really grew to have a soft spot for Luke Case that just seemed to fall on his feet most of the time, even if it did mean one or two visits to the A & E and moments of complete loss of consciousness.

This is just the second Paul Brazill book that I have read but I have already gone on to buy another two. Absolutely brilliant writing. I really am loving these books. So very highly recommended and addictive.


Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. He is the author of Guns Of Brixton and Roman Dalton- Werewolf PI. His writing has been translated into Italian, Polish and Slovene. He had had stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8, 10 and 11 – alongside the likes of Lee Child, Ian Rankin and Neil Gaiman. He also edited the best-selling anthology True Brit Grit, along with Luca Veste, He contributes to Pulp Metal Magazine and has a regular column – Brit Grit Alley – at Out Of The Gutter Online. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc. You can usually him on Twitter and Facebook.

His website is: pauldbrazill.com

Twitter @PaulDBrazill
You can purchase this book on Amazon Uk
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4 thoughts on “A CASE OF NOIR by PAUL D BRAZILL #Near to the Knuckle #Brit Grit Alley @PaulDBrazill

  1. “Add to all of this the way Paul Brazil imprints the images he describes into your mind and you become more a witness to the goings on rather than a reader.”

    I was just thinking about how some writing is so descriptive that I feel like a witness. I used that exact word – witness. Writing that can paint such a vivid picture that I feel like I’m part of the story. That’s some really good writing. Then my self talk kicked in and told me I was being corny, so I went on youtube to watch videos of dogs looking guilty 🙂

    Thanks for the validation, Susan 🙂 And for the review as this is going on my TBR.

    Liked by 1 person

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