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Firstly I wish to thank Helen Claire of BLOODHOUND BOOKS for inviting me to take part on this BLOG TOUR for THE BURDEN OF TRUTH by PETER BEST


On a cold day in March 1987, egocentric Brent Sandler makes the decision to change his life for the better. Years later he’s still not happy with his lot but not for the want of trying. Now he has hit rock bottom, penniless and in deep trouble. But little does he know his troubles are only starting as he discovers an awful tragedy unfolding. The problem is, he knows this tragedy is all down to him. Now he is determined to put things right.

Meanwhile in Bodhgaya India, Peter Canon has just made a discovery that will change his life forever. Now like Brent, he must come to terms with his very own guilty secret of the past. But little does he know the woman he loves is slowly hunting him down.
And when she finds him; questions are asked!

The tale of The Burden of Truth is the first instalment of a three-part saga of how these two men are pulled apart and then drawn together as each man tries to fulfill his own quest for happiness. But they are soon to find out this quest is thwart with love as well as danger.



I was compelled to buy this book, it kept popping up everywhere, even when I was reading another book, this was the book one of the characters was reading. I didn’t know what it was about but I knew I had to find out.
What a tremendous journey Peter Best has taken me on! There are so many fascinating stories being told and you wonder how they will all come together but they do brilliantly. If you could imagine standing at the side of a lake with a hand full of pebbles and throwing them in, each one makes a ripple and those ripples connect with each other directly or indirectly. that is like the characters in the book.
The characters feel so real and there are some pretty nasty ones amongst them. Buddhism plays a major role in the story with the obvious extensive research into this being very evident. The story is very intriguing following the life of Brent after a near death experience.
The novel has a great pace and the writing style is brilliant. Each individual story is fascinating but when they all come together it has that wow factor.
This is a very thought provoking story that has you assessing your own life and wondering what impact you have made on other people’s lives and them on you. It is a book I will read again and again and feel that each time I will get something new from it.
A great story you won’t forget. brilliant.

This review is from an earlier addition of this book and posted on 17th March 2016



Peter Best was born in North Shields, in the North East of England at the start of the sixties. Albeit the son of a shipyard worker, Peter was brought up in a small mining town until the age of eight, when for some reason or another, somebody made the decision that the community should be uprooted and moved to a place called Cramlington, on the outskirts of Newcastle.
After his time in school, he served an apprenticeship, working mainly on building sites as an electrician, which he hated by the way. However, as Peter always looks on the positive side of things, he was pleased he did.
It was on these building sites where he came across many different characters, strong characters from many walks of life with stories to tell. Many of these men he was pleased, and proud to call his friends. “Real people,” he called them. It turned out that many of these so called real people featured quite strongly in his novels.
Of course, it’s not just the people he met on the sites, Peter, over the years has come across many different characters on his travels. Many, have played their part in working their way into his mind. Not just because of the way look or act, it was more on how they think about life and their thoughts in general. Over the years he has listened and talked to them all, he has drank with them, laughed with them and even cried with them. He loves people and loves life too.
In 1996, he married for the second time to a young German girl. Soon after, they moved to the south of England. After that, he upped sticks again, and moved to Wiesbaden in Germany to help support his wife as she pushed at her career as a doctor. Peter fell in love with the culture of his new surroundings, especially the culture of one of his neighbouring counties, Bavaria. However, as they say, all good things come to an end, and he moved back to England. It was at this time his writing started to come together. Over the next few years Peter started to string together his thoughts and ideas for The Burden of Truth and it’s sequel. (The name remains a secret for now.) He now lives with his wife and daughter in a small seaside town in Essex called Frinton on Sea. Frinton, along with its neighbouring town, Walton on the Naze, both feature in his novel, The Burden of Truth.


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