JUDAS The Relic, (The Iscariot Warrior series book 2) by ROY BRIGHT #Fantasy @Brightylad





A child brought to womanhood within an alternative reality in order to become a devastating weapon.

A demon sword of immense power that must be controlled by an angelic warrior to have any hope of winning an impending war.

Together, they face the biggest challenge to mankind’s existence, within a universe soaked in the blood of battle, where epic tales of the struggle between good and evil play out at a breath-taking pace.

Prepare to open the gates of Hell.



This really is the best fantasy series that I am reading. The first book Judas just blew me away. I absolutely loved it but it is always a worry that a new author has put everything into their first book, when it is this good and has nothing left for the follow ups.  Well not in this case, this book is epic! I must say here though that a reader would struggle to go straight into this as a stand alone, it just wouldn’t make sense, you really do have to read Judas first, believe me you will not be disappointed.

Charlotte Hope is the daughter of God and Judas Iscariot is her protector, teacher and as near as dammit her dad. Yes shock, horror and screams of Oh No! how can that be? The man that betrayed Jesus is now protecting his kid sister? Well to be honest Judas is a changed man and it wasn’t all his fault on how it all went down before. Judas is a pretty cool character especially in the art of fighting and to give Charlotte the very best chance to defeat the Devil he teaches her everything he knows. Charlotte was 7 when the first book ended and now she is a very knowledgeable and skilful 18 year old surrounded by friends and adored by Judas her surrogate dad. The only thing is only Judas is real and now it is time to return to Earth to take on her role. Earth time has been very different though and although Charlotte has had 11 years of training and growing only a couple of earth days have passed. Pretty cool.

The writing it tight and story is ingenious with the time wrap thingy taking place now and again.  Some of the heroes from the last book are just as awesome in this one, brilliant characters but Roy Bright shows no mercury with them as good doesn’t always come out on top. This book is gruesomely gory with no mercy shown to man woman or child where the demons are concerned and the chaos creates some pretty nasty survivors. A disaster does make heroes but it can also bring out the worst in people too. A definite shudder moment there from me! I was truly fascinated in how he wove some top players from the bible into cracking stories in this book. It is mind blowing brilliance! Can’t wait for number 3



Roy Bright

New author and screenwriter, Roy Bright has one successful novel under his belt and numerous screenplays.

The ex-Royal Navy Gunner-turned author, began his writing career in 2012 and has not looked back since.

His first book, Judas has received much acclaim from fans and two more novels within the series are planned with the second now underway and nearing completion.

Roy is also proud to be a Patron of the Children’s Hospice Arts charity chARTUK whose amazing work aims to enrich the lives of children and young people with life limiting conditions in hospices through the creative, performing and literary Arts, enabling individual expression, creativity and communication.

For more info visit Roy’s website:

TWITTER: @Brightylad

BOOK 1  and BOOK 2 in the series


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