BEASTIA by ZOE CRUZ #Young Adult Thriller #New release @zoe_rogue @SmithPublicity

Firstly I wish to thank Andrea Thatcher of Smith Publicity, for inviting me take part on this BLOG TOUR.



The meanest of the mean girls, Rebekah Austin rules her Chicago school with sharp outfits and an even sharper tongue. She has a way of making even the most beautiful and brilliant girls in her class feel like dirt. But underneath the queen-bee façade is someone who feels ugly, repulsive…beastly.

When Rebekah falls prey to a madman, the bully becomes the bullied. Scarred and tormented, she abandons her previous life and adopts a new identity, but her ghastly appearance haunts her everywhere she goes. Only with the help of determined friends can she move past her horrifying experience—and maybe even let herself be loved.

And if the madman returns to finish what he started, will she be ready, or will she give up hope?


This is a brilliant Y.A. thriller.  A real shocking Beauty and the Beast story. Rebekah is very superficial, everything about her is false. Beautiful yes, she truly is. but only on the outside really,  like a lot of her friends. It is how they judge each others status. Being beautiful, having the right clothes and car, not who they really are just how good they look. Even her family is the same. It is all about how others see them. She hates her life, especially at home, but no one knows. She feels ugly inside.

When tragedy strikes and the lies fall away. Rebekah gets more then a taste about how important her family were to her not just what they could give her. She has to get out, feel as normal as she can but when her friend goes off with a boy at a party no one notices that Rebekah  has  disappeared. She has been abducted and over weeks of being captive she is tortured daily, cut, pinned and tattooed everywhere. Until someone mysteriously dumps her on the street among rubbish. The psychopath is still out there and Rebekah is grossly changed so much that she is impossible to mend and put back together. With a new identity she forges a new life, she is now Bea.

I was truly fascinated with this story where I really began to root for Bea, to see her for who she was becoming inside, the true beauty of her. The story had a really good pace through out that kept me on my toes, continually wondering if it was the psychopath that had come back in her life ever time someone new came into the story. It was edgy without being frightening. I loved seeing Bea change over time. Brilliant conclusion to the story. It really does make you realise how superficial people are.



I love traveling, writing, reading, and binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix.

I’m a geek too. Anything from classic Tortallan and Hobbit lore to a DS9 Trekkie and a Brown coat. I love any good sci-fi and fantasy book, show or movie.

I’ve lived in Spain for almost four years, so adapting back to U.S. life for now.




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