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The Escape by [Taylor, C.L.]


“Look after your daughter’s things. And your daughter…”

When a stranger asks Jo Blackmore for a lift she says yes, then swiftly wishes she hadn’t.

The stranger knows Jo’s name, she knows her husband Max and she’s got a glove belonging to Jo’s two year old daughter Elise.

What begins with a subtle threat swiftly turns into a nightmare as the police, social services and even Jo’s own husband turn against her.

No one believes that Elise is in danger. But Jo knows there’s only one way to keep her child safe – RUN.

The Sunday Times bestseller returns with her biggest and best book yet. The perfect read for fans of Paula Hawkins and Clare Mackintosh.


Praise for C.L. Taylor:

‘A gripping and disturbing psychological thriller’ Clare Mackintosh

‘Absorbing and disturbing’ Alex Marwood

‘Loved it’ Fiona Barton

‘Claustrophobic, tense and thrilling’ Elizabeth Haynes



How I love a book that makes me doubt my own sanity and judgement. The uncertainty that seeps in gradually when at first I have been sure of what is real and imagined.

Jo has had her share of trauma in her life, which has resulted in a number of conditions for her to over come on a daily basis.  Just as Jo is beginning to gain her feet and confidence to venture out to pick up her young daughter from nursery she is approached by a woman claiming to know people on the street where she lives. She eventually asks for a lift in Jo’s car and although every nerve is telling Jo to refuse she gives in. Jo knows it is a mistake straight away and asks for the woman to leave the car but when she produces a glove belonging to Jo’s little girl it sort of stops time while different scenarios raced through my mind of how she came to have this. She leaves Jo with a threat, either Jo’s husband returns what is owed to this woman or it wont just be a glove she takes.

What follows is literally quite mind blowing as circumstances spiral out of control at an incredible speed, with Jo’s ability to raise her daughter questioned by officials, even her husband is doubting his wife’s mental state to look after their child.  Is she mad or set up? Well no one will believe the latter.

There are two constant paces to this book, one a fast and edgy where I felt the need to keep looking over my shoulder and a second that was only two paces behind me. With the feeling of just sitting on the edge of fight or flight all of the time. Even how I judge people myself changed to the point of trusting no one. Fate can be wicked at times and it certainly comes calling in this story. C L Taylor always manages to give me the full emotional stress experience and this book was no exception.



CL Taylor lives in Bristol with her partner and young son. She studied for a degree in Psychology at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle and has worked as a sales administrator, web developer, instructional designer and as the manager of a distance learning team at a London university. She now writes full time.

CL Taylor’s first psychological thriller THE ACCIDENT was one of the top ten bestselling debut novels of 2014 according to The Bookseller. Her second and third novels, THE LIE and THE MISSING, were Sunday Times Bestsellers and #1 Amazon Kindle chart bestsellers. Her fourth psychological thriller, THE ESCAPE, will be published on 23 March 2017. She is currently writing her first young adult thriller, THE TREATMENT, which will be published in September 2017.

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