MAKING A CASE FOR INNOCENCE by APRIL HIGUERA #Non Fiction #Justice @April_Higuera

Making a Case for Innocence: True Stories of a Criminal Defense Investigator by [Higuera, April]


THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE! Every day innocent citizens are accused of crimes they did not commit . . . some fall further through the cracks of justice into the dark crevasse of wrongful convictions and incarcerations . . . how can this happen? Know how to protect yourself.

Higuera explains the pitfalls of the criminal justice system and why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case . . . even when the client confessed!

Author and Licensed Private Investigator April Higuera takes you behind the scenes of her actual investigations of multiple high-profile homicide cases for defense. Along the way, you’ll join her in uncovering evidence of innocence and corruption.  April lays out the evidence against the accused and her own journey through “the system” as she helps defend otherwise average citizens who are accused of heinous, violent crimes.

Her accounts are TRUE!

Read about these cases:
• Max Roybal: A wife’s jawbone is delivered in a Tupperware container to a local TV station with a map to locate her remains.
• Hope Schreiner: A 73-year-old grandmother is convicted of bludgeoning her husband to death in their driveway with a potato hoe.
• Sedley Alley: The infamous rape-murder of a 19-year-old Marine cadet, who is the daughter of a U.S. Ambassador.

“Through a series of case studies, written more in the style of short stories than the sleep-inducing, dry academic speak of typical post-case-analysis reports, Higuera takes the reader into the grit and grime of murder and mayhem.”
– Hal Humphreys, Executive Editor of Pursuit Magazine

Experience an emotional roller coaster ride as April confronts the corruption and ineptitude that plague our broken justice system, unearthing the evidence that she hopes will set her clients free.

“April takes you on a backdoor ride of the unsung hero as the investigator who deserves the credit for solving crimes and releasing criminally charged innocent men. This book serves all folks involved in the criminal justice system.”
– Mary Lou Wilson, Esq., Post-Conviction Attorney

“Every serious criminal justice major should read this book in order to fully understand their ethical responsibility to their oath of office, the devastating impact faulty investigative assumptions can produce within the legal system, and how justice is truly administered and served by tenacity and determination.”
– Jorey Krawczyn, U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

An experienced and successful criminal defense investigator, Ms. Higuera outlines her practical guidance for investigation work, why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case (even when a client confesses!). She effectively outlines the official misconduct that pervades our criminal justice system. The author’s anecdotes ring painfully true for the practicing defense investigator. Her stories offer newcomers the “dark side” insight into best practices and methods.

Visit the author’s website to learn more and share your stories:



I don’t normally even look at non fiction, give me a good crime novel all conjured up by an author sat at a desk, a book I can read then go to bed without a conscience because it was simply made up stories, darn good stories but not real no matter how gory. But not now, because monsters are real………

Ms Higuera is the owner of ADH Investigations that specialise in criminal denfense, with herself being the principal agent. It isn’t about getting criminals off, it is about making sure that the innocent are not wrongly imprisoned or even put to death, which according to  April Higuera happens more than you would really like to know about. The horrific thought is that for every wrong conviction it means that the unaware public are at risk of becoming the victim.  April Higuera has to be one of the most passionate writers that I have ever read. It may be because of the environment that she has worked in for years, the training to be concise to get your attention without all the waffle and make you hear what counts, but my it works.

What you will read about are true cases, a few names have been changed but others you can check out on line if you wish. These are some of the cases where she is convinced, through her intense research, that injustice occurred and in one case the person found guilty paid with their life from a death row prison.

I had to constantly keep reminding myself that these were real people that I was reading about. In each case the general story is told of what is known of the last whereabouts and intensions on the victim followed by the discovery of their body afterwards. It is followed by the police investigation and subsequent trial. It is after conviction that ADH investigations get involved, often to try and obtain a re-trial or for new evidence to be presented at such a trial and it is here that the horrors of the system, that is supposed to ensure justice is done, are uncovered.

Don’t think for a moment that this is a book of facts and figures. I was 100% absorbed in every page, it makes for a fascinating and compelling read, that at times really breaks your heart and at others totally frustrates you. A superb book!



April Higuera is the owner and principal agent of ADH Investigations, specializing in criminal defense investigation of violent crimes on county, state, and federal levels. April has a lengthy record of assisting wins for defense in complex criminal cases, including homicides with gang and organized crime enhancements, sexual assaults, battery, robbery, kidnapping and felony drug cases. Her work has been praised by judges, attorneys, colleagues and clients across the country. Currently located in Reno, Nevada, ADH Investigations performs fieldwork investigations in both Nevada and California. In addition to writing commentary on the criminal justice system for public awareness, April provides consultation services nationally, including detailed case reviews, investigation strategies and practices, and individualized guidance leading local defense teams through their pre-trial and post-conviction investigations.



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