GUSTAVE FLAUBERT the Ambiguity of Imagination by GIUSEPPE CAFIERO @Authoright @AuthorightUKPR

Firstly I wish to thank Rachel of Authoright for inviting me to take part on this BLOG TOUR for GUSTAVE FLAUBERT The Ambiguity of Imagination by GUISEPPE GAFIERO



What would happen if a character, even if only roughly sketched in the mind of a writer, decided to take on a life independent of his creator in order to take revenge against all the other characters that this author had created in his other books?

This is what happens to the legendary writer Gustave Flaubert, when his character Harel-Bey comes to life with a grudge to bear. Even the imaginary characters of books that Monsieur Flaubert has never actually written, but had long pondered and discussed with his most intimate friends, begin to stir with their own motivations.

Quite unexpectedly, Harel-Bey begins a long and difficult journey through the writings of Monsieur Flaubert to try to understand the reasons that induced the writer to write so many books and stories, but never the one that would have had him as leading protagonist. As a vengeful killer, Harel-Bey is determined to murder all of the protagonists of the books and stories Flaubert has written



I was really looking forward to reading this book and thought that it was quite a clever idea to have a disgruntled character, lost in an abundance of books created by the author, going on the rampage to rid himself of the popular characters. Well this book is translated and set in the 1800’s and at times told through a number of letters and other people and for me I just got lost along the way. I felt quite confused at the beginning of the book to be honest. This does not mean at all that the book won’t work for other readers it means that it just wasn’t for me.

On the plus side for this book it is very descriptive about the time period which I felt was captured pretty accurately. The lack of personal hygiene that was even obvious amongst themselves and the appalling treatment of children that weren’t too hard to find, if a man had an the urge for them. The story is told in appropriate  language for the time period, again supporting the era really well.

I really wish the author good luck with this book and for the future.



Giuseppe Cafiero is a prolific writer of plays and fiction who has has produced numerous programs for the Italian-Swiss Radio, Radio Della Svizzera Italiana, and Slovenia’s Radio Capodistria. The author of ten published works focusing on cultural giants from Vincent Van Gogh to Edgar Allan Poe, Cafiero lives in Italy, in the Tuscan countryside





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