Forty of Earth’s most dangerous women compete to become warriors in the interstellar empire known as PULSE. They must endure a Trial on a death-planet filled with monsters and betrayal.

Only three will survive. And the war hasn’t even begun.

It’s a future like you’ve never seen before: one populated by amazing (and often unfriendly) aliens and a Humanity that is 100% female. A paradise in some ways, a prison in others, this handful of extraordinary women must fight to stay alive in a brutal universe, enduring an onslaught of deadly challenges, just to join the fight against a star-spanning threat they can scarcely imagine.

THE TRIAL is the first in an action-packed adventure series for all ages, crammed with creatures, combat, courage … and some of the most fascinating new characters you’ve encountered in years.

Join PULSE! See the universe! You might even survive…



Well this is a first, an all action thrilling futuristic adventure that is pure female run. Not a bloke in sight anywhere throughout the book. And as you read you don’t even give it a thought, these girls and women are some of the toughest determined and independent characters that I have read in anything else. Aliens now mix freely with humans that are seen as quite a low life as far as strength, endurance and technology are concerned, but no leniency is shown to humans as they face the same trials in order to prove themselves worthy  in this alliance of intergalactic comrades readying for war.

You meet Stella and Faye at 18 years old, now at the end of their 8 year training, already to face the final task in order to become part of the intergalactic PULSE empire, or Planetary Union of Life-form Salvation and Emancipation. A unique soldier  that as a last task has to survive the horrendous conditions on an alien planet, with only a slim chance of any of them making it to a shuttle to take them back to safety.

What a cracking story this is that is just bursting with action from the very first chapter right to the end. You would think that being with the same girls days after day from being the age of ten would bond them but far from it. Ryan Crawford has created such memorable characters, each with very individual skills, tailored to get the best out of them. The tests they have to face makes for compulsive reading, that would keep any Y.A. glued to each page right to the end, as well as many adults that enjoy books like these. The creatures of this planet are vicious causing the deaths of many of the young would be soldiers but they face a much worse opponent. What I really liked about this book too was Ryan Crawford gave his characters courage and determination but he also gave them, fear, exhaustion and at times total shut down.

A truly engaging novel that I am sure readers would thoroughly enjoy no matter what age. What is brilliant news is that book 2 is under way. So going to get this when it comes available.



R.A. Crawford has always been a big time sci-fi and fantasy fan. Most of his childhood was earnestly consumed by weekend-long Final Fantasy marathons, movies he certainly wasn’t old enough to watch, and books borrowed but never returned to the local library.

After years of procrastination and despite working full-time his passion for rich space opera and high fantasy storytelling led him to finally put pen to paper on his debut novel. The resultant book, PULSE: The Trial, is the first in a series of books centered around an all-female galactic society.

Having never quite grown out of Star Wars novels, Star trek episodes, Green Lantern comic books and Final Fantasy video games Ryan currently rested in Surrey – UK where, along with his wife, he embarks on the journey of teaching his two children why Gimli is the best character in LOTR.

“I always wanted to create something but never seemed able to find the time and dedication to pull it off. However, like all parents, after the birth of my kids I was granted control over time and space and became ten times more efficient at managing my time. ”



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