THE OARSMAN by ZUBIN MATHAI #Spiritual #Inspirational @ZubinMathai

The Oarsman by [Mathai, Zubin]


In the novel, The Oarsman, a magical river begins singing out, and a dying man suddenly aches to know if the paradise at its end is real enough to fill his heart. He hires an oarsman to take him upstream, but a twisted encounter sends them back to revisit every role the man has played in his long life.

A merchant hoarding, an artist trying to capture love with a brush, a warrior looking for peace in war, and a dreamer imagining himself a knight to fight a dragon — these, and more, were faces of the man.

As forces try to derail their quest, and as they row further back into the man’s past, the man begins to suspect that the oarsman is more than he seems.

The Oarsman, with its combination of adventure, fantasy, and spiritual inspiration will delight any reader, and also excite the currents of the river flowing through all our hearts.



This has to be one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read.

The old man had hired the Oarsman to take him on a journey up stream to see if the fabled shores at the river’s end were real. His wife of many, many, years had died and she had been his only reason to live. He was tired and wanted to reach the rivers end with the Oarsman, but Judge would not let them pass though not until the old man went back down the river, to revisit different periods in his life and find reasons for the unworthiness that the Judge could see in his face. In order to pass this place to the journey’s end he must return back there changed, by proving his worth.

We all have markers in time where decisions are made and the course of our lives direction changes. These are the old mans. There is something that is so innocent and pure about this story, and it makes you feel humble to look into this mans life. The roles he plays in life, not just the ones he wants to but the ones he has to play. Each one has such a deep meaning behind it. The Oarsman and the old man journey back down the river turning back time and at each place they stop the Judge is also there to hinder them. At each stop the Oarsman and the old man make, the old man meets himself at a different stage in his life and when they leave the Oarsman promises he will return to pick them up.  There are eight stops on the man’s journey back to the day he was born. Where astrologers are gathering to sell the new parents predictions for the new baby’s life. Each seeing something different for the child. It is here that an old woman gives the truest prediction of all and I wept. And as I write this I cry now. I was so, so, touched.

This is such a spiritual journey not only for the old man that you read about but for yourself too. It didn’t start off like that it began as me reading a story but his journey and reflection on the meaning of his life became mine too. There isn’t anything that I could possible compare this book to. I love the way Zubin Mathia writes, the imagery that he creates is just magical in it’s self, the colours he describes in the most unusual way and as you read it is like you can hear the boat cut through the water. A truly wonderful journey.


About the Author

Zubin Mathai is a writer living in sunny Ojai, CA, USA. He loves hiking the mountain trails, catching glimpses of little pieces of peace dropped along the way. He also loves writing inspiring stories about the quests, and greatest fulfillments, of the human spirit.


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