BRANCUSI’S HEAD and the China 12 by RAOUL MORRIS #Science Fiction #Crime Thriller @menthecream



Milo is in a Paris bar, the usual story. He’s down after the last case, she’s alone, he’s alone. Perfect, if it wasn’t for the little matter of the head in the bag under the table. Pretty soon the body count is rising and he’s running to catch up. She seemed such a nice girl. That goes with the job if you’re part of the China12.



I read so many different genres but two of my favourites are combined in this book, Science Fiction and Crime Thriller and it is done brilliantly. I believe that Raoul Morris’s book is probably the most realistic look into the future that I have ever read.  Now just to explain a little. You know how you can go out and bring the internet up on your phone or lap top well just think if you could just access this through your mind and only you know what your looking at or interacting with. Pretty cool eh? but as a quote from the book says,

“A stranger from an earlier time would have thought they all looked dead.” Perhaps something to think about.

Then take it all further, what if there were implants that could be placed in the brain that enhanced memory and function, well now your are talking. Can you imagine what that could do to someone that is a genius now? Well there is such a group a super intelligent group that are quite unique. They are the China 12 Crime Group. Milo is one of the 12 and after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman he becomes involved in a most intricate case that is a bit of an iceberg, as there is far more to it than first thought.

What an amazing story with characters that I envied their abilities. I was completely immersed in the plot and totally wowed at how it all came together. There is a full conclusion to this story but there is also an opening left for a series to develop too. I would definitely love to see more of Milo and the super crew he has now got on board to lend a hand. A perfect read for me.



Raoul, of Irish, French, American, Spanish and Scots origin, grew up on the mean streets of Dublin, (not very mean). He has lived in eight different cities on three different continents and currently lives in Canterbury UK. He has an abiding love of history and an ongoing affair with science and science fiction, but, more than anything, loves stories.
Raoul has worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker, in theatre as a lighting designer and in restaurants as a cook and dishwasher, (not at the same time).

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