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Judas (The Iscariot Warrior Series Book 1) by [Bright, Roy]


After 2000 years walking the earth, Judas Iscariot, has seen more horror than he had ever hoped to see.

Punished by God for the betrayal of his son Jesus Christ, he is forced to live out the existence of a broken man for eternity, unable to die. Although immortal, he has been bound by rules; never allowed to find love, raise a family, or make use of the items of wealth that he has acquired over the two millennia.

Throughout time, God has given him tasks that he could not refuse where his skill with a sword has proved to be invaluable in smiting wayward demons and, at the end of 2012, an angel, the messenger of God presents him with his greatest and most important mission. For three days, he is to protect six-year-old Charlotte Hope as she approaches her seventh birthday. She is ‘The Light’, whose purpose it is to shepherd humankind out from its hedonistic ways. However, the forces of Hell also wish to acquire the child for their master, Lucifer, so that he may drain her light and become unchallenged in his crusade to dominate the kingdom of man.

With the aid of the unlikely pairing of police detective Gary Cross and prostitute Abi Colter, can Judas protect Charlotte so that she may save all humankind and in turn release him from the curse allowing his entry into the White Kingdom, or will Lucifer succeed and bring forth the Apocalypse?

Judas is a dark fantasy, supernatural science fiction page-turner to engross fans of James Herbert, Shaun Hutson and Dean Koontz. A sword and sorcery, action-adventure epic that will leave you yearning for more as you follow our gruff and uncompromising antihero in his quest for redemption and salvation.


Oh my, Oh wow, if you are remotely interested in fantasy novels this is not just a must buy this is a clear your schedule and read it next, in fact  even if you don’t read fantasy books make this one an exception because this is pretty darn awesome. There is a line in the book ‘You couldn’t make a movie out of this if you tried’ Well believe me if they did it would be a block buster. How I would love to see this in the cinema!

Judas Iscariot, well I think everybody has probably heard of him before, he is a pretty memorable character but Roy Bright certainly puts a whole new spin on it all. I loved this bad boy from the very first page. What an amazing bloke, very easy on the eye, swears like a trooper and after 2000 years of fighting experience he is rather nifty with weapons, especially his swords, now they are pretty lethal in his hands. But all he really wants now is to be able to die and stay dead. Well his chance comes along with a deal. Protect a little girl from evil forces for three days until she is 7 then his wish will be granted. And so it begins………

OH MY GOD, no literally oh my God where the hell were you? Demons galore the planet going crazy, the devil in disguise but no God, talk about frustrating, trust the side of good to stick to the rules! But wow does it make an all action, edge of your seat, and get behind the good guys read. There are amazing punch in the air and shout Yes! scenes. All very blood thirsty stuff and at times very very funny. I was nearly crying reading the first statements being read back by a detective after an early sighting of these demonic beings at an hotel.

The story settles down to Judas, Charlotte the little girl, a police Detective called Gary and a hooker called Abi.  Roy Bright’s novel is extremely well planned, beautifully written and totally 100% action packed entertainment.  What an amazing team, just loved every one of them. I am now even more excited to find out a further book is due out at the beginning of February. (Another punch in the air moment)


Roy Thomas Bright was born 22nd October 1971, in Manchester and grew up in Burnley, East Lancashire.

He received his secondary education at St Wilfrids C of E High School in Blackburn and upon leaving decided to join the Royal Navy as a gunner. The need to patrol some of the worlds ‘hotspots’ allowed him to travel the globe extensively, and he was very fortunate to see a vast number of exotic countries and different cultures.

In 1998, Roy decided to leave the Royal Navy to pursue a career as a professional musician. Having been a musician since the age of six and able to play a plethora of instruments, Roy went on to experience many highs in his first band ‘deponeye’ until that ended in 2004. In 2005 Roy started his second band Exit State, which enjoyed great success touring all over the UK and parts of Europe, a No.1 video on Kerrang TV’s Most Requested show and sharing the stage with the likes of Michael Schenker, Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Esoterica, Dave Evans (AC/DC), The Black Mollys, Forever Never, Black Spiders and Neil Buchanan’s Marseille.

Following a successful tour with guitar legend Michael Schenker in 2012, Exit State were delighted to be invited to become Patron’s of the Children’s Hospice Arts charity chARTUK, an organization Roy is still a proud patron of, whose amazing work aims to enrich the lives of children and young people with severe disabilities and life-limiting conditions in hospices through the creative, performing and literary arts, enabling individual expression, creativity and communication 

It was in late 2012 while enjoying touring downtime that Roy decided to pursue one of his other creative passions – writing. The idea for Judas had been sitting deeply within his psyche for some time and the amalgamation of the original idea fueled by the lyrics in the rock song What Have You Done by Within Temptation finally saw him put pen to paper. A massive and steep learning curve followed, but he was fortunate due to connections made from his time within the music sector to receive exceptional advice from a number of sources. An introduction by Exit State’s manager Mark Appleton to Stephen Clegg, the author of Maria’s Papers, proved to be an invaluable one as Stephen’s help and guidance was key in ensuring Judas was worthy of being published.

In 2012, Roy published Judas via Whiteley Publishing. He then re-published a second edition of the novel via self-publishing in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Roy is thoroughly enjoying writing more and more, including screenplays with his screenwriting partner Mike Harris and has penned a number of original scripts, including the Judas stories. He has now begun work on the third novel in the Judas saga and a ‘Book Zero’, which details events happening in and around the same timeframe as the first Judas story.

Roy has three children, Reece, Tyler and Lily.

Visit his website for more info https://www.roytbright.com

Follow Roy on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook – https://www.facebook/judasbook

Twitter – twitter.com/@Brightylad


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