THE APOCALYPSE MECHANISM By J. M. RICHARDSON #Adventure @JMRichardson1 @WinterGoosePub

The Apocalypse Mechanism by [Richardson, J.M. ]


Brilliant New Orleans Professor James Beauregard’s life is spiralling into complete despair when a startling discovery is made halfway across the globe that requires his expertise. Is there really an ancient machine that could push civilization into the throes of oblivion? As he attempts to unlock the secrets of this waiting apocalypse, Professor Beauregard is hunted by an archaic fundamentalist cult determined to bring about humanity’s end-of-days. Will he find the key to stopping the world’s oldest weapon of mass destruction, or will the Cult’s wish to purge all evil be the Earth’s demise?


So I met this unlikely hero of this novel on the day he wished to die, not that he didn’t wish to die every day, because all he seemed to live for these days was the thought of ending it all.  He owned a magnificent house and a family business both left to him from his father in his Will, as well as following his dream into a career that he loved, but it wasn’t enough. Not after a terrible accident had robbed him of his wife and child the year before.  So gun in hand and a belly full of whisky he would end it all, but the phone rang. Would you just pull the trigger or even  when you were going to end it all wouldn’t your curiosity just get the better of you? It did for Dr. James Beauregard too, a professor of ancient history. Well there is nothing like dangling a fish to raise your interest so when the most annoying acquaintance from his college days, Professor Timothy Horn, tells him about an historical find that will change the history books, he just has to jump on a plane, although he detests flying, and see for himself!
This is quite an awesome adventure, I just kept getting visions of Harrison Ford and Karen Allen, from Raiders of the Lost Arc, taking the lead roles in my mind. This book is steeped in history and ancient religious sects, well a particular one but Joshua Richardson makes it all so very fascinating that I hung on to every word. The good guys are amazing and the bad guys are frighteningly believable. This is a story of ancient tombs and prophecies that are about to be enforced on an unsuspecting world. A race against time to prevent actions being put into motion that will result in the end of the world as we know it.


J. M. Richardson was raised in the small town of Franklinton in South Eastern Louisiana. His upbringing was one of close-knit family and community. He attended Bowling Green School, a small K-12 private school. In his early years, Richardson nurtured an interest in the arts, history, geography, writing poetry, writing competitively, and developing talents in vocals, guitar, and musical arrangement.

In 1998, he graduated from high school and enrolled in Louisiana State University, where he began course work toward a degree in secondary education with a concentration in social studies. He joined the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and took many courses in composition, history, sociology, and other forms of social sciences before graduating in 2003.

Richardson immediately began teaching history and sociology in Baton Rouge, LA high schools. In 2005, he married his college sweetheart, Melissa Ware, a literature major and native of Baton Rouge. They moved to the Fort Worth, TX area largely to be closer to Melissa’s ALS-stricken mother and for better economic conditions. Richardson began teaching in Keller, TX where they still reside today raising their two daughters Audrey and Elle. He still teaches in Keller where he writes his novels and enjoys the love and support of his wife and family.



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