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Blood Or Destiny (A Black Walker Warrior Novel #1)


Blood and Family ties run deep but when Destiny comes calling, which do you choose?

Becoming an adult is never easy, but Eva Vargr faces a unique challenge. Caught between two cultures that historically despise each other, Eva struggles to please the two most important men in her life.

For her brother, Rune Vargr, the answer is simple. Eva must embrace her Lycan side, keep to her own kind, and stay safe under his protection.

But Eva has different plans. Her grandfather’s band of vigilante Skin Walkers have fascinated her since childhood. As Eva turns twenty-one, she falls in love with a young warrior, Pilan. When Eva’s powers blossom, he encourages her to join the Black Walkers and fight by his side.

Blood Or Destiny is the first book in a new action-packed fantasy-paranormal series and is a spin off from the emotionally charged Vargr Clan Trilogy. Follow Eva Vargr, her Lycan family, and the handsome band of Native American Skin Walkers as they battle against the evil, power-crazed Clizyati that threaten the shifter and human worlds.

Please note: this can be read as standalone series but readers planning to read the Vargr Clan Trilogy may want to read that series first to maintain the chronology and avoid any spoilers.


This is a super book that gets your attention from the very first page. Set in a modern world there are some fascinating mythical creatures that blend perfectly into society. I was simply wowed. The Amazon jungle Peru and Pilan with some of the Black Walker Warriors are hunting a Sasquatch in order to relocate it as it is being more than a nuisance with the local people. But there is a greater threat, one which the Black Walker Warriors thought no longer existed, The Clizyati and Em Green is just one of many. Things are going to change But can pettiness be forgotten to over come the dark side or will it be their down fall

This book has just about everything you could want in a fantasy novel but what I loved about it the most was it was set in a world that I recognised. It was here and now with mobile phones and all mod cons in places that I knew about. This made it all so much more enjoyable and easy to picture. I could then just concentrate on the story and abilities that each of the different clans had. I really liked that in the begin of the book the clans were named with each character that belonged to them spelt out with its pronunciation. Nice call there.

The pace was set in the first chapters and to be honest it never dulled or lulled once. Within the story were weaved one or two forbidden romances along with plenty of gruesome murders of the innocent and not so innocent. There was one particular reason given for the lack of restrain from some of the clan. The release of a certain film at the cinema which did tickle me. The writing was smooth and flowed beautifully with explanations now and again of how certain characters already knew each other so there weren’t any difficulty understanding where a love attraction came from or why a character was filled with hate.

Although this book is the first in a new series it is actually a spin off from a previous series, The Vargr Clan Trilogy and although I haven’t read these books and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I am sure that it would have been a bonus to read them first. I wish to thank TBConFB for a copy of this novel which I have chosen to review.


Angela Stevens is the author of the contemporary adult romance novels Lemon Drops and Love, and Ice Cold Mint Juleps. She also writes YA fantasies and Children’s books under the pen name of A.D. Stevens

Angela is British born but moved to the United States nine years ago. Always a keen traveller, she has enjoyed spending time living outside of her native country. She is an ex-teacher and the mother of two children. When empty nest syndrome threatened, Angela turned to writing novels to fill her growing free time. As her hobby grew she found storytelling began to fill her waking hours.

Her recently released novel, Lemon Drops and Love grew out of her voracious appetite for reading. After one particularly momentous year, where she consumed over one hundred paper backs, Angela Stevens decided to attempt her own first novel. The story is set in her local town and the setting for her love story was partly inspired by her passion for ice hockey. She discovered her love of the sport when she first moved to America. A rabid Washington Capitals fan, Angela can often be found ‘rocking the red’ at the Verizon center supporting her beloved team.

In Angela’s stories, you will always find a hero to fall in love with and a heroine who will be worthy of his love. Her characters are three dimensional and down to earth. She writes with a strong voice and in a gritty style weaving tension and suspense throughout her narrative. Her characters come to life and whisk you away, whether into a romantic or fantasy setting. Which ever you chose, be prepared to laugh out loud, cry and fall in love.


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