THOSE THAT REMAIN by ROB ASHMAN #WeekendBlog #BookReview @RobAshmanAuthor

Those That Remain - A gripping crime thriller that keeps you guessing (The Mechanic Trilogy Book 1) by [Ashman, Rob]


A thrilling read to grip you from the first page to the last sentence.

Nothing is as it seems …

The heat of the Florida summer is relentless. Lucas is coasting to retirement in a mundane Florida police precinct. His world falls apart when a brutal serial killer codenamed Mechanic lands on his patch.

Three years ago they thought Mechanic was dead. But Mechanic is very much alive and the savage ritualistic murders continue. No family is safe from the threat of slaughter at this sadistic killer’s hands.

Mechanic is always one step ahead and Lucas is forced to operate outside the law.

Who can he trust?

The shocking truth is more terrifying than Lucas could ever imagine … and he has to put his life on the line to get it.



This has to be one of the very best debut novels that I have read. From the first chapter the author Rob Ashman unleashes your curiosity, a damaged Police Lieutenant being eased back into work with the support of FBI Officers and what appears to be the delivery of a simple package of innocent items being anything but. It is now that you need to buckle up because the action won’t stop until the end of the book. If you read a lot you will get what I am going to say now. This is one of those moments when you are reading and you connect, you just know that this author is going to become a part of your life as every book he brings out you will buy. It is so darn good!

The identification of a dead psychopath’s finger prints at the scene of a botched burglary soon sets The Florida State Police and Police Lieutenant Edmund Lucas to overloaded. The Mechanic, as this psycho was named, would stage the victims in a gruesome and macabre scene. Absolutely loved this story that was fast moving and heart breaking at the same time. All of the characters are engaging with my favourite having to be Harper, he was just pure entertainment for me. You just got to love a come back. The best news too is this is a trilogy so two more novels to come from this Welsh man that lives in England and writes about the USA crime scene. What ever he is doing it works superbly. A super book and for myself I am very excited about this author. BUY THIS BOOK

I wish to thank Rob Ashman for a copy of this book which I have chosen to review.


Rob Ashman is married to Karen and has two grown up daughters.  Originally from South Wales now settled in North Lincolnshire.
Like all good Welsh valley boys he worked for the National Coal Board when he left school at sixteen and went to University at the tender age of twenty-three when the pit closures began to bite. Since then he’s worked in a variety of manufacturing and consulting roles, that was until he had the idea to publish a book.

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