BLURRED VISION by CHRIS BOTRAGYI #Aliens #Scifi #Invasion #IndieThursday @ChrisBotragyi

Blurred Vision: Seven billion voices about to be silenced


In an already  uncertain world, where people fight for the protection of the planet and its future generations, comes a sadistic extraterrestrial force intent on the annihilation of the human race. Get ready as the world is about to burn; this isn’t Judgement Day – this is far worse.


Just Wow! This is a brilliant alien invasion novel that just scares the pants right off you. What a terrifying opening, wakening God knows where with your last moments before blackness creeping back into your mind. Cold, frightened and stripped. A red mist which creates a blurred vision of what else is around you, then a noise. OMG my skin was crawling, with not a place that I didn’t have goosebumbs. Chris Botragyi had certainly captured my attention. What the hell had happened?

This is a total gripping story that you just can’t find a place to stop. It is such a very tense read. There are a total of six men in this room and each of them recount where they were when the invasion began and it begins to piece together. What a story! This is such a very well planned novel that as it went on I am sat there nodding my head and agreeing with some true events out of our history and thinking Jesus this author is such a very clever bloke because it all came together perfectly. Fact and fiction and read like a true account and what an absolute belter of a story he came up with. I just had not guessed, not until it was in my face! Superb. I just sat back and thought for a minute, shocked and numb.

I do have to say though there is a lot of very violent scenes, very inventive violent scenes. If I just say these aliens are not the kindest of creatures. So you have been warned but this  is such a compelling book. This has to be the one of the best books in this type of novel that I have read because there is an explanation for it all. Just brilliant!

I wish to thank Chris Botragyi for a copy of this novel which I have chosen to review.


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