SCREAMS IN THE WOODS by MICHAEL R MARTIN #Supernatural #AmReading #BookReviews @MRMartin_Author



One rainy Monday morning, private detective Christine Lynch is presented with an untitled lever arch file to review. It contains the detailed research of a 19th century local mining accident. The authors have been missing for over a year. Two unrelated facts, surely? Then she reads the file…


When P. I. Christine Lynch is asked by her boss to investigate the disappearance of 2 local missing men it seems like it could be just a straight forward case. It is anything but and what begins as a routine inquiry ends up with a mounting body count. Someone wants to hide something from the past and they are prepared to do anything to make sure it is kept buried.

I really liked this story that began with a little intrigue and just continually kept building and getting bigger. Christine is quite a gutsy lady that makes a promise to the son of one of missing blokes that she will find out what really happened to his dad. Only thing is it opens up even more questions like what was his dad investigating? She is about to waken this sleepy go about your business village, to a car chasing, gun shooting, where is a Bobby when you need one, Hell of a ride!

You really do get a bit of everything with Mike Martin, a mystery thriller with a pinch of the past and a decent helping of Sc-fi. and he brings it all together very smoothly. So its like ‘I saw that coming’ to ‘what the Hell just happened?’ It all kept me thoroughly entertained. I will definitely be reading more of this author’s books.

I wish to thank Michael R Martin for an Arc of this book which I have chosen to review


Mike has a degree in mechanical engineering and a HND in multimedia.

He has worked as a design engineer, a volunteer IT tutor, a medical records officer and is currently a freelance computer animator.

The aim of his writing is to create imaginative, supernatural thrillers populated by believable characters and realistic settings.

His influences are many, but he draws particular inspiration from the works of Nigel Kneale, H P Lovecraft, R Chetwynd-Hayes, Stephen King, Alan Garner and M R James.

He lives near Wigan.



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