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Firstly I wish to say a huge thanks for inviting me to take  part in this blog tour.


Lie. A Betrayal. A Murder.

Daphne has everything she’s been dreaming of since the day her parents died when she was a teenager. A husband, a home and a job. The only problem is her beloved Rich’s ex girlfriend Gina who won’t leave them alone. Filled with jealousy, Gina’s interference soon escalates into harassment.

But one day, Gina disappears. When Rich is sentenced to sixteen years in prison for murdering Gina, Daphne refuses to believe he is guilty.

But what else could explain his mysterious disappearances?

And if Rich didn’t kill Gina…

… Then who did?

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This book is very powerful. It makes you uneasy and edgy because most people live in a town or city like this. There is the desired side of town and then the part where you put your head down and don’t make eye contact. Well Jessikah Stenson portrays both side brilliantly. This is the story really of Daphne living in the wrong side of town and the people in her life especially after she meets Jamie, who at 26 is use to been mollycoddled by his dotting mum.

There are alternate chapters between Daphne and Jamie and how they meet after Rich, Daphne’s husband, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for murdering his ex girlfriend, after DNA is found in their flat. Oh my from the start you know that there is something not quite right about Daphne. She is certainly not the most likeable character that has been written about and I don’t think that I ever really warmed up to her. She is so desperate to be loved, possessive and so quick tempered. She just frightened the living daylights out of me. Though I think the only person that I did take to was Tracy, Daphne’s and Jamie’s boss.

A lot of the book is centred around what really happened to Gina, the presumed dead ex girlfriend of Rich, as different people try to piece together where everyone was the night she went missing. There are quite a lot of violent scenes in this novel that dips into drugs and gangs.

This is quite a cracking read, with a shiver down the spine ending. I wish to thank Jessikah Stenson and Excalibur Press for an ARC of this book. I have chosen to review this novel.


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Jessikah Hope Stenson is a 20 year old author, book blogger and journalist. She currently studies English at the University of Exeter where she is also the Editor-In-Chief of PearShaped Music Magazine. In her spare time, she enjoys slam poetry, listening to Paramore and curling up with a good book

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