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Karl notices something odd about his sister the morning after a blind date. A coldness in her manner; nothing anyone else would notice. Suspicious, he confronts her about the date but she turns nasty, accusing him of taking a perverse interest in her sex life.

When he next sees her, months later, she seems back to normal, until a harmless comment provokes a sudden, violent response. As her mental state fluctuates, Karl seeks out the man she dated just before her personality began to change, convinced she is suppressing a painful memory from that night. But what he discovers is something far more sinister, and pervasive, than he’d ever imagined.

Strictly for adult readers, THE MANY is the first book of a trilogy that explores contemporary themes of corruption, sexuality and gender, while shedding light on a shadowy evil that is both disturbing and frighteningly real.



Well this story really captures the essence of eerie from page one as the first paragraph puts you on your guard and this is how it feels for the rest of the book. Going on a blind date, although exciting, must be a bit scary, but imagine if that person said something that you know they shouldn’t have known about you. Got your attention? Well it grabbed mine!

I was really quite hooked on this story as Nathan Field had captured my curiosity of why and how these women were so changed from happy go lucky fun loving women to violent and unpredictable strangers to their families. His writing has that shock element that I love. The moments that you don’t see coming even if you had been there you just would not have been able to prevent. I just had to stop reading for that minute for somethings to really sink in and to think, did that just happen? kind of moments.

I couldn’t second guess where this story was going as when I thought that I had it sussed a spanner was thrown in the works and I had to rethink. There were a number of shocks that I was not expecting at all. This is very much an adult read. I am delighted that this is book one of three. I wish to thank Netgalley for a copy of this novel that I have chosen to review



Nathan Field has had a variety of jobs in a number of different countries. When he’s not working, he enjoys road trips, drinking at dive bars, listening to music, and spending time with family.

Nathan Field


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