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“We have a dead child, and a crime scene that has been remarkably well kept for us.”

A young child lies mummified in a barrel. His hands, cable-tied, appear to be locked in prayer. As forensic officers remove the boy they are in for an even bigger shock – he is not alone.

With his near-fatal stabbing almost a memory, DI Bob Valentine is settling back into life on the force but he knows nothing will ever be the same. Haunted by unearthly visions that appear like waking dreams, he soon understands he is being inducted into one of Scotland’s darkest secrets.

When the boy in the barrel is identified as a missing child from the 1980s, it re-opens a cold case that was previously thought unsolvable. When further remains are unearthed, the facts point to a paedophile ring and a political conspiracy that leads all the way to the most hallowed corridors of power.



In November 1984 something good was about to come out of a most atrocious moment that had taken away two innocent young lives, when torrential rain caused two greedy petty criminals to take a short cut on a deal they had made. A moment that years later wouldn’t only unearth the despicable event but also rock the wealthy community that had thought themselves untouchable. This novel wont make you look over your shoulder and it wont make you jump. The discovery of the two young boys in a barrel begins an investigation into who could have been responsible for the abuse and subsequent violent deaths. This is a cold case that makes more than a couple of people sweat.

I really liked D.I. Bob Valentine, even if at times he was beaten down from all sides with home and work. You knew that this man with a psychic feel when a case was travelling in the right direction was the perfect man for the job. The story is told both in present day and also in the past by one of the young boys. It isn’t always easy to read as it does tell of child abuse in every aspect, so please be warned. What it does capture is how little value is placed on the most at risk people in society and how paying the price asked also pays for a clear conscience too. Very harrowing

A very well written and intriguing novel . I am looking forward and backward to reading more from Tony Black. I received this novel from TBC on FB and I have chosen to leave a review.


Tony Black is the author of 13 books, most recently A Taste of Ashes, the second novel in his DI Bob Valentine series. He has been nominated for six CWA Daggers and was runner up in The Guardian’s Not the Booker prize for The Last Tiger.

He has written three crime series, a number of crime novellas and a collection of short stories. His next crime title is DI Bob Valentine 3, Summoning the Dead in summer 2016.

For more information, and the latest news visit his website at: or his blog:

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