IN EXTREMIS: A HELLBOUND NOVELLA by DAVID McCAFFREY#horror#jackthe ripper@davemac1975



1888. Whitechapel. Think you know the story? You don’t know Jack…

James Maybrick had secured his legacy as the most infamous serial killer of all time…his diary would one day shock the world.

Thomas Quinn wants revenge…his actions will give birth to an organisation of unspeakable power.

Together, they unwittingly set in motion a plan that will one day lead to the serial killer, Obadiah Stark.

Stark became The Tally Man.

They were The Brethren.

Maybrick is known to history by another name



Well this didn’t hold any punches, it takes you straight to the thick of it. Blood , guts, gore and a man that sees himself as an artist applying his finishing touches to his master piece, while I see him as a grotesque insane monster. What an opening! I thought well David McCaffrey where do you go from here because wow he had certainly caught my attention . I had just been witness to the aftermath of Jack the Ripper’s final victim.

Now although this is a novella David McCaffrey certainly knows how to make every word count, there is never a lull in the book or a moment to catch your breathe. He goes on to deliver a story that is part fact, part fiction and no-one really knows so make your own mind up part. He does though weave it all together seamlessly so you aren’t aware of where truth and fable start and finish. David McCaffrey’s passion is certainly contagious and I found myself totally mesmerised in his story. It centres around the reasons why rather than who which was totally refreshing to me.

This is, as I first stated, a very gruesome novel so won’t be for everyone but if you are like me you will also feel the urgency to read the novel that follows this one Hellbound. This has to be a must read book for me. I am hooked!



David lives in Redcar in the North East of England and works as an Infection Prevention and Control nurse in a local Acute trust. He has a Kelly, a Jake and a Liam.

A huge fan of Steve Alten, John Grisham and Lee Childs, David loves reading as much as he enjoys writing. Hellbound was his first novel, all thanks to Britain’s Next Bestseller and the aforementioned Steve Alten who took a chance on him as a writing coach client and taught him so much about what it takes to be a writer.

Hellbound was voted by W H Smith readers as one of 2014’s most underrated crime novels.

His second book, the novella prequel to Hellbound titled ‘In Extremis’ is currently available on and on both Kindle and paperback and is a Semi finalist in the Kindle Book Awards 2016. ‘In Extremis’ is also available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and ITunes; Hellbound is due out as an audio book before the end of the year.

He is currently working on Nameless, the next book in the Hellbound Anthology which is due for release before the end of the year.

His project with Stephen Sayers, “By Any Means Necessary” is due out 15th November 2016.

A self professed geek, David loves Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, Batman, Superman, D.C Comics, Person of Interest, Continuum, Gotham, Star Wars, The Flash, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist…beginning to see a pattern here?

He also knows he only exists as an author because of you, so thank you very much.

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