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There are times when you read a book where you feel that it is so real you could turn Sky News on to see if there have been any further developments in the case. Well that is what it felt like with this book. K. A. Richardson’s storyline is one that could be linked to any city in the UK, one of human trafficking. It follows the abduction of 15 year old Elvie and her terrible ordeal and that of some of the people taken at the same time as her. The vivid descriptions of not only the conditions that these girls were transported in but the lives they are forced into is heart breaking. K. A. Richardson then shakes the whole story up again, when the body of a man is discovered in water and the Dive Team are called in from the Sunderland Police Force. What begins as a simple recovery ends up as the discovery of young girls bodies that have been savagely tortured and the conclusion that a serial killer is in full swing.

K. A. Richardson totally captivated me with her story and although this is the third book in the series it can happy be read as a stand alone novel without losing anything. Her time studying forensics and crime scene investigation at university is very evident. I really enjoyed the inside view into the team and how the system worked. There is so very much in this novel which never had a dull moment and loads of little story lines that came together beautifully. This is a totally entertaining novel but is quite graphic in places so do be warned but everything is very relevant to the story. I loved it



My name is KA Richardson, and I am a crime writer based in the North East of England. I write around my other work commitments so am constantly on the go. I love reading many genres, love speaking to people and spend a lot of time people watching in coffee shops, though if I’m honest this is more for the purposes of character building and plotting. I enjoy watching ‘cop’ shows from both the UK and the USA, and am a fan of sci-fi. I began thinking about writing as a career in 2010 and completed my Ma Creative Writing in 2011. I love to be inspired, and enjoy spending time with friends and family, as well as other like minded folk. My website has some more info on me, if you’re interested pop on over to http://www.kerryannrichardson.com, or I can be found on facebook as KA Richardson.
With Deadly Intent
I’ve Been Watching You

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