ADRIFT 3:RISING by K. R. GRIFFITHS #Horror#Vampires#fridayreads@KRGriffiths1

Adrift 3: Rising (Adrift Series)


Dan Bellamy has lost everything: his wife, his home, his country; perhaps even his sanity. The only thing he has left is vengeance for the creatures who took his world away, and he intends to visit it upon them, no matter the cost.

As the eyes of the world turn to the destruction in England, Dan believes that his presence in the United States will provoke an immediate response from the vampires.

He thinks he knows what that response will be.

He’s wrong…

With the fate of the nation – and perhaps the entire world – hanging in the balance, Dan believes he must understand the visions which torture him, and which might be key to humanity’s survival, but he’ll have to do it fast. Because darkness is coming.

And the vampires are rising…



What can you say about a book that leaves you speechless? Because this novel is simply everything that a reader can ask of an author and more. What I do have to tell you is that this book is not a stand alone novel you have to read the series for it all to make sense, but boy you are in for a treat! Mr. Griffiths has the most wicked mind that conjures up visions of seven foot vampires like no others that you have ever read about. (I still shudder every time that I travel on the London underground, book 2). It puts playing with your food on a whole new level.

I did feel a little confused in the opening pages, transfixed, apprehensive but still with a frown, but soon it all made sense. The story was how I remembered it across the Atlantic Ocean in the USA. The familiar characters are there and some additional ones will be picked up on the way too. Mr. Griffiths certainly makes use of everything being known as bigger and better in the USA as he sets the scene for an even more spectacular stage with these unstoppable creatures.

This is truly a dark and intense story that will have you hanging on to every single sentence and your pulse will race with every click…… I do have my favourite character, well it is a pair really. Conny and Remy, both from the last story. If you are a lover of horror novels please take a look at this series. It is awesome!



Born the son of a wealthy philanthropist, Griffiths was orphaned by crime at a formative age, and subsequently raised by the family’s kindly butler.

Nursing a bone-deep rage at the loss of his parents, Griffiths invested his inherited billions into extensive combat training and the development of sophisticated technology which he now uses to bring justice to the streets of –

No, wait. That’s Batman. Sheesh. I always do this.

I was born in Wales, and lost myself in books as soon as I discovered them. That kid who hangs out in the library. Yeah, that was me.

I never wanted to be anything other than a writer/superhero and eventually I moved to London, finding work as a journalist and editor, before turning to writing horror and science fiction.

I’ve written a zombie/post apocalyptic horror series (Wildfire Chronicles) which has been read by a whole lot more people than I expected (thanks!) along with serial killer horror Survivor and my latest release, Adrift.

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