THE MEDDLER by DONNA MARIA McCARTHY #Gothicfiction#dragons#newrelease@roast914_k

The Meddler



Witches laid bare
And Dragons that fight
For a Meddler to care
He must lose sight
For the greatest adventure will only begin
When the purest of souls is tempted by sin

A dark and mystical fairy tale, purely for adults, of innocence lost, as good battles evil in many forms.
The Gothic town of Hare’s Folly is about to change, but is it for better or worse?
Dark secrets, hidden from the world, are about to surface, and the ultimate price paid for one very fiery soul.



Having read and loved The Hangman’s Hitch I hoped that Donna Maria McCarthy wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder I mean where do you go from a book like that? Well the answer is quite simple, Donna Maria McCarthy is like a woman possessed full of these magical stories where no one else has gone and totally refreshing in what she does.

This is a fairy tale, for adults I may add, that I was mesmerized with especially Meddler whom I adored. He was such a character full of mischief and merriment enough to grab the attention of anyone that saw him, but not always the attention he wanted. I just kept thinking of a line from a film “No one puts baby in the corner” well I felt like that about Meddler. These characters of Donna Maria McCarthy were lively, colourful and so very entertaining from the first page but the feeling of dread was always sat on my shoulder. I could feel it in the pages , but when I read the next one it would be gone again. Very atmospheric. This is a story of friendships and trust in a time when a fall out and wrong words spoken could mean death if the wrong person heard of it. Even a rumour just something in haste that could not be taken back. A wonderful and poignant story of dragons and giants.

I often leave doing a review for a couple of days to see how it makes me feel. This has left me with a feeling of sadness and smiles a perfect balance to this novel. I am so looking forward to more from Donna Maria McCarthy, a massive talent to keep your eye on. I wish to thank the author for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.



The youngest of seven, six of which are boys! I grew up in a rural Oxfordshire community until the age of eleven when my family came to settle in Southampton. My influences and go to reads are Charles Dickens, in particular A Tale Of Two Cities, Hillary Mantel, Wolf Hall, Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire… The list would go on but these represent a broad spectrum. I am also inspired by this great country of ours and it’s society which has evolved through many bloody wars and a rich sometimes infamous history… From ruling the waves to loss and austerity, eventually realising that to be a world leader in the 21st Century nothing more was needed than acceptance, diversity, understanding and abundant talent which as a nation we do really rather well.


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