The Hangman's Hitch


The Hangman’s Hitch… The inn at the end of your world. Where satanic practice is the order and your soul required to pay for your stay



I am still finding it hard to believe that this is Donna Maria McCarthy’s debut novel. Set in the 18th century, I found myself transported right into the heart of this dark gothic tale and The Hangman’s Hitch. It is here in this tavern that souls can be crushed or toyed with for the entertainment of Joseph Black and travellers are entertained by sweet Mary’s singing and dancing while taking their fill of ale and pies from a dubious menu. This is Freddy’s story an aristocrat fallen from grace and disowned by his wealthy family before being taken under the wing of the notorious Joseph Black.

This story was original and fascinating from the first chapter to the last. A tale that has no bench mark with me as to where it was going, but a truly compelling story which I read over a couple of nights. I have loved Donna Maria McCarthy’s descriptions not just of the larger than life characters and the Hangman’s Hitch, but even the smells that at times made my nose wrinkle and nostrils twitch! She simple captured the essence of it all.

It was heart breaking that the honour of a woman of stature would be defended with pistols while there was total disregard for the women that worked for the wealthy gentlemen. No law to protect them.

Would I recommend this novel?
Why yes. Donna Maria McCarthy hath prov’d herself more than worthy.



Author of dark and twisted tales full of Horror, Mystery and Suspense!

My first offering is ‘The Hangman’s Hitch’ A chilling account of the slippery twists and snares of Hell! Set against a backdrop of a dark and sinful 18C England.

Next up…well you will just have to wait and see… maybe I will give you a little teaser around September if you behave!

Word of caution… The Devil’s in the detail..



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