Hi everyone for my first week I am blogging my favourite books of 2016

Robin Roughley

I make no secret that Robin Roughley is my favourite author of the Crime Genre. I love the down to earth and gritty approach of the D.S. Lasser series that has built up a very faithful following from the 11 books that have been published so far. (number 12 Dark Necessities is due to be published in August 2016). I have simply pined since finishing reading the last novel, Conspiracy of Ravens, review below. I really can not remember any other series that I have read where a really nasty piece of work, in the form of Plymouth a total psycho, is swooned over by readers. I myself have more than a heart flutter when I know he will be making an appearance in one of the books again. Though I must admit that I am torn between Plymouth and D. S. Lasser who has no luck with the ladies at all.

What I also really admire about Robin Roughley as an author is the fact that he makes it all feel so real. Characters die. Not all the good guys always make it, it is quite shocking and lots of OMG moments that make you simply need more. These books always make me laugh too as they have a wonderful dry sense of humour running through each of them. What you will get as well is some pretty graphic descriptions of a fair few murder victims.

Robin Roughley has promised me a question and answer session too which will be amazing, so watch this space folks. If you haven’t read any of his books yet really get clicking as you are missing a great series, which have over 800 reviews. Robin Roughley is always happy to answer any questions you may have for him on his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000841053535&fref=ts

Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing and tweeting.

Conspiracy of Ravens (DS Lasser series Book 11)Conspiracy of Ravens by Robin Roughley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow be prepared for a little dehydration and weight loss when you begin this book because you simply won’t want to put it down for anything or anyone. The opening chapter is simply mind blowing, leaving you thinking ‘what the hell just happened?’,but be prepared for much more. Robin Roughley is very creative as the body count just grows and grows, with each death becoming more inventive than the one before. It is all so wickedly gruesome. D.S. Lasser is on hand of course with his brilliant humour and the usual team that are closer to him than any blood relative could be. (Definitely someone to have a crush on. What a man!)
This series is simply the best, set in Wigan you get a down to earth and believable feel to everything that is happening in the novels, each one very unique and original. The author Robin Roughley is very descriptive with his writing, which makes everything you read very visual in your mind. What I do love about them most is how I have become so very attached to these characters, they feel real to the point of when anything bad happens it emotionally affects me as well. This novel has a top notch story line that will keep any D.S. Lasser fan riveted to every page. The only thing I hate is reading the last line, as I am already pining for the next book in the series. Superb!
I wish to thank Robin Roughley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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